Interesting If True
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How To Listen

You can listen here on the site or subscribe by clicking below or searching for Interesting If True on your podcast service of choice. 

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Interesting If True is a comedy podcast that tells stories, debunks nonsense, takes quizzes, plays games, and generally tries to have a good time.

Each week a new host is chosen from our crew of pod-friends. They choose the style of the show, present the primary segment, and decide the theme or topic of the episode if anyone else is presenting. The goal is to keep other content like discussions, games, or the weekly Patreon exclusive segment on the same track.

Episode 92: The Quizy-Quiz Show
This week Shea helps Steve & Aaron find a date. Then Aaron gives it to the guys by the numbers—It's a quiz, only available at!
Episode 91: Proctologist Who?
It's timey wimey time, then we read a study about "assholes." Shea tells patrons about ye-oldie archeologists & all their dragon bones.
Episode 90: Take Me Out
Welcome to Interesting If True, the podcast that kills, poorly. I’m your host this week, Shea, and with me are: I’m Aaron, and this week I learned that I won’t be leaving here with you… Oh, I know, I won’t be leaving… here… with… you. </Shatner> This is the story of the most botched successful……

Other Places To Find Us

Aaron recently joined Dustin on episode 426 of Atheist Nomads.

Thanks to Dustin for hosting an… Interesting… discussion! Again, check them out at or subscribe directly to their show using the buttons in the player.


Each week Interesting If True presents a show centered around a topic chosen by one of our hosts and presented to the rest. Sometimes one of the other hosts will help out and present the patron story of the week. You can count of thee voices but will often hear four, and when the stars align, we’re joined by Big Gay Jim for a fabulous full house!


Editor. Foodie.


Comic. Yeti.


Two “n”‘s. Socials.


Editor. Vulcan.

Big Gay Jim

Queen. Liquortarian.


When you support Interesting If True by subscribing at for as little as a buck a show, you help us keep the lights on, upgrade the studio (which in turn upgrades your media!), but most importantly it gives us the ability to support great causes like Wyoming AIDS AssistanceThe Trevor Project, and Modest Needs.