Episode 5: Brave Battle Bear! – W4W

Episode 5: Brave Battle Bear!
Logo for Episode 5: Brave Battle Bear! featuring Wojtek.

How about a munition-toting, cigar-smoking, beer-drinking, Nazi-fighting, grizzly bear with a side of monkeys from space?

Episode 4: Fantastic Flammarion Facts – W4W

Episode 4: Fantastic Flammarion Facts
Interesting If True, Episode 4: Fantastic Flammarion Facts

Jenn tells the terrifying tail of a turn of the century comet. Aaron tells patrons how they can protect themselves from the comet death.

Episode 3: A Murder Maybe-Mustery

Maybe-Aaron hosts this week’s show with a maybe-murder, maybe-mystery tale for the ages. Then Steve brings the patrons home with a Wyoming cold-case.

Episode 2: How To Prevent A Plague

Interesting If True Logo Episode 2

Jenn celebrates the anniversary of a major medical breakthrough and Aaron tells the Patrons (publicly released this week) about stem cell quackery.

Episode 1: We Erupt Onto The Scene

Welcome to Interesting If True. Jenn tells you about the greatest, most dangerous, and most involved April Fool’s prank ever. Aaron tells you about his Great Blue Hill.

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Episode 283 – The Last One

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