Episode 96: Re-Re-Re-Launchening

We’re back! It’s a casual episode of Shea and Aaron reiviewing missed headlines from the hiatus and some chit chat. Enjoy!

Welcome to Interesting If True, the podcast that is back after a wee bit of a break… 

I’m your host this week, Shea. I’m Aaron, and this week I learned I should be doing my homework…

This week’s drink: Space Bloody Orange from Ace cidery 

Crazy Headlines of 2022

May: Pecker Plants 

Apparently, back in May, the Cambodian government asked people to stop picking a rare carnivorous plant and if the poaching continues this plant has a very real chance of going extinct. The reason behind the carnivorous bouquet is the flowers’ unique appearance of male genitalia, Nepenthes holdenii also called the Penis Fly Trap. Cambodian environment ministry wrote on Facebook: “What they are doing is wrong and please don’t do it again in the future.

“Thank you for loving natural resources, but don’t harvest them so they go to waste.”


June: See ya later Alligator 

The end of last June in a tiny town in southern Mexico, Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa sealed his nuptials to an alligator with a kiss. The age-old ritual in San Pedro Huamelula, now mixed with Catholic spirituality, involves dressing the alligator or caiman in a white wedding dress plus other colorful garments. “We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that we have fish in the river,” said Sosa.

The seven-year-old reptile, referred to as a little princess, is believed to be a deity representing mother earth, and her marriage to the local leader symbolizes the joining of humans with the divine.

As trumpets blared and drums provided a festive beat, locals carried the alligator bride in their arms through village streets as men fanned it with their hats.

“It gives me so much happiness and makes me proud of my roots,” said Elia Edith Aguilar, known as the godmother who organized the wedding.

She said that she feels privileged to be entrusted with carrying out the ceremony, and noted she spent a lot of time fretting over what the bride would wear.

“It’s a very beautiful tradition,” she added with a smile.


July: I turned 35 and that sucks. 

August: Captain Maryland

He wields a mallet, carries a crab-shaped shield and wears a belt of Old Bay. Some say he is quicker running sideways than forward and has a super pinch grip! It’s Captain Maryland!! Clark Rogers, “Defender of Maryland” and superhero in disguise, has always been fascinated by cosplay.

Ever since he was a young boy, he could be found at countless comic conventions, watching as his favorite television personalities strode by, capes billowing and costumes gleaming. As Rogers, a recently retired firefighter, grew older, he wished to create a superhero of his very own — one on a much smaller scale, dedicated to his beloved home state of Maryland.

Thus, Captain Maryland was born.

Every superhero needs an origin story, and Rogers explains that Captain Maryland gained his superhero powers after eating radioactive crabs from the Chesapeake Bay near the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant. The seafood gave him the powerful pinch of a crab, the ability to run sideways like a crab, and his bullet-proof crab-shaped shield. 

Captain Maryland had a music video premiered in Ocean City and online on Aug. 24, National Maryland Day. Rogers cannot wait for more people to catch a glimpse of Captain Maryland doing what he does best, expressing pride for his home state.


September: #SleepyChicken

Putting stupid shit in your body isn’t a new trend, just look at the tide pod challenge, but did you manage to catch last year’s bull shit, Nyquil Chicken? You heard correctly and I’m sure you can figure out the recipe… Chicken boiled in Nyquil. This Tik Tok trend caught on last year and by September the FDA needed to warn the public of the dangers of consuming said chicken. Tik Tok removed the offending videos and warned others of the danger of participating. 


October: BEES!!!

Last October a Longmeadow, MA, woman, in order to avoid eviction used bees to keep the police at bay. 55-year-old Rorie Susan Woods, pulled up to her home on Oct. 12 in an SUV with huge crates of bee hives. The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, whose officers were there to evict Woods, said she ripped lids off the crates and made the bees very aggressive. She put on a professional beekeeper’s outfit to carry “a tower of bees” to the home’s front door. The bees stung several cops “and other innocent bystanders,” the sheriff’s office said. Woods faces four counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and a charge of disorderly conduct. “I’m just thankful no one died because bee allergies are serious,” Robert Hoffman, chief deputy of the department’s Civil Process Office, said.


November: Methy Monks

In November an entire Thai Buddhist temple was left completely empty after all the monks failed a drug test. Four monks, including the abbot, tested positive for methamphetamine in the northern province of Phetchabun. In recent years, methamphetamine has become a major issue in Thailand and this was part of a national campaign to tackle drug trafficking. 


December: How to Ruin Christmas

A Florida man went on a destruction rampage after he was caught engaged in sexual activity with a dog. Chad Mason, 36, was caught by the resident of an apartment complex having sex with the animal. After being confronted, Mason became combative and erratic. He entered the Northwood Presbyterian Church and broke several potted plants. He also knocked over a nativity display before fleeing to another neighborhood.

Mason’s reign of terror continued as he destroyed a mailbox and attempted to steal a car.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested him. He was taken to the Jail where he faces multiple charges, including lewd or lascivious exhibition, two counts of exposure of sexual organs, criminal mischief to a place of worship, and sexual activity involving animals.


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