Episode 74: Terrifying Trivia!

It’s Halloween! In this year’s special Shea hosts a scary movie quiz. Then for patrons… Aaron hosts a scary movie quiz!

Episode 73: Djinn & Juice!

Shea wishes upon a haunted haunt & is fish-slapped by a Djinn. Aaron feeds the patrons after midnight and blows everything up Mogwai-style.

Episode 72: Haunting Haunts

Shea tells the haunting stories of a Moony Brewery, then Jenn tells patrons about the truly horrifying origin of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Episode 70: Mysterious Monsters!

Kicking off Spooktober, Shea thrills you with terrifying tales of mysterious monsters & Aaron puzzles patrons with equally alien nonsense!

Episode 68: U F Oh No!

Shea explains how the ancients dealt with ancient aliens. Aaron invites patrons to the worst Brewfest ever.

Episode 65: Nom Nom

Time for nom noms! Shea tells us ab out bad diets, Aaron helps you find healthy food in the dark, and King Shark carries Suicide Squad.