Episode 35: 2020 Toaster Shakings

Let’s take a look back at 2020… not because we want to but because it’s curse nessisitated it. Let’s all jsut be glad it’s over…

Episode 8: Jim’s Supreme Introduction!

Logo for Episode 8: Jim's Supreme Introduction!
Rainbow logo for Episode 8: Jim's Supreme Introduction featuring Black Lives Matter and Happy Pride messages.

Pride, Juneteenth, Loving Day, Black Lives, we’ve got a lot to celebrate this week! Luckily Jim is here to help us out. He talks us through Title VII, then Aaron tells patrons—and you—about Birth Certificates.

Episode 163 – The One Where We Wish You A Third Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season for another blasphemous episode of Waiting for Wrath;
where we fill festive socks with treats and oranges;
when making the jolly is basically the point;
where we ho, ho, ho – except Jenn – I’m not brave enough to rhyme that out,
We’re not experts and we make no apologies for our presents — so — let’s have a candy-cane, revel in the gingerbread cookies and, some god forbid, turn on a heater or three.