We couldn’t have done this without your help



We have the best listeners. It’s a pseudo-scientifically proven, commonly accepted, fact. Our listeners are believed to wield super-human strength, radiate Deadpool-esque healing factors and, it’s a matter of well-known belief, they make better lovers. 

Without you our show would just be four more drunks yelling at the moon. So, for listening and for validating our day drinking, thank you!


We’ve been lucky to have some amazing guests on Waiting 4 Wrath, and equally lucky to have met some of podcasting’s most generous hosts.

It has been our great honor to have had conversations with musicians, speakers, comedians, authors, professionals and activists the world over. We are humbled and in awe of your talents and your generosity in sharing them. Thank you.


From financial support to sharestweets, and five star iTunes reviews; we couldn’t ask for a better audience. Since we launched our Patreon page we’ve been constantly surprised by how many people are willing to donate their hard-earned money. Thank you.

So generous are our listeners, that we’ve been able to make payments on equipment usually reserved for radio broadcasters and still have enough left over to make a donation to Big Gay Jim’s Drag Queen Bingo, an amazing charity that helps support those affected by HIV/AIDs in Wyoming. If you’d like to help WyoAIDS directly considering making a donation or setting WyoAIDS as your Amazon Smile charity of choice! 

Being able to give back was a major goal of the show from its inception. Not to sound too much like a public radio beg-a-thon, but our show is supported entirely by the generosity of listeners like you and that means our ability to support worthwhile causes is too. Thank you for enabling our giving, we’re incredibly grateful.


Our show isn’t produced in a vacuum. Each episode is an amalgam of the efforts of those who have come before us, those who inspire us, and freely lend their expertise and work to our cause. We are enriched by and grateful for all that you do. Our stories come from great blogs and sites, our media from great producers. We live in a gilded digital age of sharing, community, and inspiration—and we thank you for letting us be part of it!


Theme music for Interesting If True comes from the generosity of the Copyright-Free Music For Creators YouTube channel. We appreciate it !.

Retro by Wayne Jones Video Link: https://youtu.be/TkBeWQc9NSc


Melbourne based musical comedy duo “ElbowSkin” has been rocking the socks off audiences all over Australia for more than a decade. They also generously let us use a bit from this song to close out beer each week. Cheers!


An artist, an activist, and an explicit storyteller; Shelley uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see. Which is weird, because she willingly sat in a room with us for more than one recording! She also let us use a number of her songs. Check out her amazing music!


Theme music for Waiting 4 Wrath is thanks to the extraordinary generosity of composer Kevin Macleod and guitarist Dan Ritter. Protofunk is available via the Creative Commons license at incompetech.com.

Special Thanks

We would be remiss not to mention our fabulous wives, girlfriends, husbands, family, friends, and pets who support us in what we do. Making this show takes a lot of effort and time. Between show prep, writing, the socials, recording and editing we collectively spend more than forty hours a week on this. We’ve missed parties, holidays and come home far too late far too frequently. It would be enough to drive anyone nuts but somehow everyone keeps a smile on their face. And for that, we’re truly lucky.

Thank you all!