Episode 102 – The Bad Birthday Episode

In this week’s show, episode 102, Satan makes India’s starve posters drink bad beer because of reasons…

In This Week’s Show, episode 102, Satan makes India’s starve posters drink bad beer because of reasons…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Anonzi hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned it’s difficult to say what my wife does- She sells seashells by the seashore.

Also for our German listeners, today’s show is brought to you by the word Verschlimmbessern (ver-schlimm-bes-sern); trying to make something better but having it all go worse…

Jim’s Good Gay News

Dolly is telling Christians to be more loving.

“We are who we are,” Parton said.

“If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. And you should be allowed to be how you are and who you are.”

Well, technically she told Larry King in case you want to watch her say it. http://bit.ly/2dZOtyg

I was going to mention that Shepard Smith is gay. But that’s not really gay news, is it? “Officially!”

And I’m Steve and before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Chubna | Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

Provided by: Chad

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Today we deliver Jim’s great mug, from William the Greatest!

This week’s show is down a host, Jenn is missing this week because of acute iTunes starvation… Luckily Joesen1 is doing his part:

Heaven Forbid Jenn Be Out of the Studio!!

By: Joesen1 (United States)

Fun and irreverent. It didn’t take long for me to start to love the hosts of this podcast (discovery via Atheism 101). I appreciate the humorous beer reviews, and sarcastic/facetious banter that takes places at each other’s expense (not to mention the expense of those in the actual crosshairs). A tip o’ the drink to the hosts, and faith in humanity restored.


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And in a nod to uber patreon Brent! Shea’s drinking a Fosters – it’s Canastrailain for water.


Indian Atheist Conference Canceledhttp://bit.ly/2dZPczc


  • Swami Balendu, a former Hindu preacher and now atheist activist, had planned to hold a two-day conference
  • Event now canceled after violence and complaints from local superstitious leaders
  • Despite complaints, police did not stop the conference
  • Protestors took matters into their own hands, shouting slogans, throwing rocks, and burning an effigy of Balendu

Pedophile Running For Catholic School Boardhttp://bit.ly/2dZQtXn


  • Saskatoon Catholic school has an opening on their board, and Denis Robert Hall would like to fill it
  • Hall spent 18 months in prison for fucking two girls 14, 16 in 1981
  • Despite conviction, Hall qualified to be a candidate for the opening
  • Catholic, Canadian of legal age, lived in the school division for 3 months and Saskatchewan for 6 months
  • The acting administrator of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, Father Kevin McGee, said, “I have the reason for serious concern that Denis is not suited for this position.”

Christians terrorists scare me a lot more than Muslims http://bit.ly/2dZOceL


  • Three Kansans, Curtis Allen , 49; Gavin Wright, 49; and Patrick Stein, 47; were arrested in Liberal, KS and charged with one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.
  • The fuckers who called themselves The Crusaders, are associated with a militia group calling itself the Kansas Security Force
  • According to an FBI agent’s affidavit, the three Christian extremists espoused “sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant beliefs.”
  • The three conspired to set off a bomb where about 120 people, including many Somalis, live, in an apartment complex in Garden City, KS.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

From our Walking the walk file…

Pastor dies after fasting for 30 days, he wanted to break the record of Jesushttp://bit.ly/2dj8PEK


  • Alfred Ndlovu, a pastor from South Africa has died of malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Alfred Ndlovu, 44 left home on 17 June and headed into the bush to conduct prayers
  • his family and community at large as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains and his death has puzzled those close to him and church members.
  • “Pastor was a healthy and religious old man who did not even look his age.”

Shea’s Story 

The Devil is here in America!!!!!

A la headlines!

Texas Church Says Craft Beer Is The Devilhttp://bit.ly/2dlZiMX


  • A Texas church in the town of Canyon decided to double down on their message of temperance, publishing an ad in The Canyon News calling craft beer “the Devil’s Craft,” urging sobriety and including a verse from the Bible purporting the notion that Jesus was an early prohibitionist.
  • Though JC was known to turn water into wine, the Anchor of Hope Baptist Church asserted he drank the “fruit of the vine” aka “Grape Juice.”

White House Needs An Exorcism After Gay Demon Infestation – http://bit.ly/2dZQmuN


  • At the White House’s Bisexual Community Briefing that took place on Sept. 26 to honor “Bisexual Awareness Week,” one of the speakers called upon a Native American deity to look over the presentation, which was recorded by the White House website. A homosexual culture is a culture of demon possession. Has the White House turned into a haunt of demons? (From Barbwire.com)
  • The first step for a “visitation” of such spirits is invocation — which was made at the White House. Homosexual spirits heard. Their presence is in the place where they were invoked, until their expelling, which can be done only by people who know and use the authority of Jesus’ name.
  • Obama and Hillary smell of sulfur…

Radio host and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones doesn’t need to tell Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama to go to Hell. He believes they already reside there.http://bit.ly/2dm1zbf


  • On Monday, Jones, host of his eponymous show on the Genesis Communications Network, said the two were literally the devil, Media Matters reports. He called Clinton a “psychopathic demon.”
  • “I’m sure of that, and people around her say she’s so dark now, and so evil, and so possessed that they are having nightmares, they’re freaking out,” Jones ranted. He claimed that both Clinton and Obama smell of evil and sulfur, attracting flies when no one else does.

Patreon Story

The Snake Pastor Is At It Again! – This time, in the butt! – http://bit.ly/2dZO5j2


  • The controversial founder of End Times Disciples Ministries Penuel Mnguni
  • boldly claimed to have transformed a “straight man to become gay” during the weekend… As revealed by a post on the church’s Facebook page
  • “As the man of God was ministering, he commanded the spirit of a homosexual to enter a certain young man and he became gay (homosexual).
  • “The young man began to walk, make gestures and speak as a gay person.”
  • After the transition from straight to gay, Penuel Mnguni commanded the spirit out of the man and he became normal again oblivious of what transpired.
  • “… Through the power of God, he (the man) went back to his normal being. He was unaware of every action he made while the homosexuality spirit had entered him,” the church said.
  • Mlungisi Dash Ncube seemed to be a fan of his works as deduced from the comment: “Glory to God … I don’t support, but I worship the God in him [Mnguni], I’m not walking in flesh, I’m a spirit being, I’m not going to die, but I’m living.”

But wait, there’s more!


  • Another Facebook post saw Mnguni ordering two followers to “fall into a deep sleep.” After falling into a deep slumber, he beat them with a walking stick and commanded them to wake up. He then asked if they felt any pain from the beating and their reply was in the negative.

And when Mnguni cools off from his beatings, he really cools off!


  • Now, he’s up with freezing Members for 30 minutes.
  • South Africa’s Cultural, Religious and Linguistics (CRL) Rights Commission got him to explain why he made South Africans eat snakes and rats.
  • The pastor argued that “there’s what we call demonstration of God’s power in proving that God has sent you. That’s why no one died after eating the snakes. The ate it and it tastes like chocolate…”
  • He commanded a man to step inside a deep refrigerator and sleep deeply. The refrigerator was reportedly “switched on and very cold”. Penuel then closed the deep refrigerator for thirty minutes without opening it.
  • Thereafter, the ‘Holy Spirit’ led Prophet Penuel to command another young lady into the deep refrigerator that was on a high freezing point.
  • “He commanded her to fall into a deep sleep. The man of God then closed the deep refrigerator for more than thirty minutes.
  • After thirty minutes he opened the refrigerator and commanded the young lady to wake up, and he asked the lady who had ice on her body what was happening.
  • She said the deep refrigerator was very hot and she didn’t feel any coldness of the ice,” related the End Times Disciple Ministries.

Next Week’s Beer

Red Swingline IPA Primitif | Trinity Brewery


Faith In Humanity Restored

NC Writers Buy Clever Full-Page Ad Celebrating Gov. Pat McCrory’s Birthday (and Eventual Defeat) – http://bit.ly/2dj7zkP

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