Episode 103 – The One Where We Give You Nightmares

In this week’s show, episode 103, we visit the Dyatlov Pass to find out why Australian nurses are giving a possessed woman cum vaccines.

In this week’s show, episode 103, we visit the Dyatlov Pass to find out why Australian nurses are giving a possessed woman cum vaccines.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Heratee (Greek goddess of witches and ghosts) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

God” is the best Halloween costume for people that don’t want to go to a party.

People will be able to claim that you were…guest. And the burden of proof isn’t even relevant. Especially for you cause God doesn’t proof his own existence as a habit and no one can call you

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know that Halloween falls on October 31st because that is the end of the Celtic calendar? It originated as a pagan holiday to celebrate the dead.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Red Swingline IPA Primitif | Trinity Brewery


This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We need to apologize to Papa Murphy – Whose pizza we love. We did not have Jenn here to ground us in reality, and we got carried away making fun of the wrong person. It’s the owner of Papa Johns who is an amazing cunt.

Also – we know, now, that Johnson isn’t Trump’s running mate… he’s the other vote-hole who believes in superstitious woo-woo bullshit. But hey, legalize it right? Because if we can’t get stoned the lizard overlords win…

Followup from Episode 50http://bit.ly/2dNi4ND

Lucas Leonard was beaten to death and his brother Christopher was badly injured at Word of Life Christian Church. Now the pastor of the church, Tiffanie Irwin, her brother, Joseph Irwin, and mother-and-son church members Linda and David Morey finally have been convicted in the attack.

Followup from Episode 90http://bit.ly/2dNjk3c

American Atheists drop a federal lawsuit against Kansas City after the council passed an ordinance repealing funding of $65,000 to Modest Miles Ministry for National Baptist Convention.

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We got a voicemail from a friend of the show Chad!

Apparently he did tell Shea what was up with those beers, but apparently, Shea was too busy shoving beer up his ass to take notes… (which would be the best way to consume that last beer from Chad)


Australia Cracks Down On The Spread Of Anti-Vax Bullshithttp://bit.ly/2dNhuPN


  • In response to a small number of midwives and nurses spreading anti-vax horseshit on social media, their certifying board in Australia released vaccination standards
  • “The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.”
  • Further, they urge people to report nurses or midwives who promote anti-vax.
  • Promoting false, misleading or deceptive information is an offense under national law and is prosecutable by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
  • The AMA president, Dr. Michael Gannon, said since the introduction of the government’s No Jab No Pay policy, 6,000 children whose parents were previously registered as conscientious objectors to vaccination were now fully immunized.

Cooking With Cum Class Could Come To Londonhttp://bit.ly/2dNebZe


  • Feeling the urge to try something new, or just in a new way? If organizers can get 30 participants, they will hold a class in cooking with semen.
  • Participants are asked to bring their own fluids (approx. 5 teaspoons) from partners or selves (though presumably they won’t be allowed to express the necessary ingredient on the spot).
  • Sex educator Alix Fox said: “While the idea of bringing cum into the kitchen will doubtless appall many people, some individuals find the idea of consuming such an intimate substance an incredible turn-on.”
  • “I guess when you consider that humans regularly consume eggs, which are essentially the product of a chicken menstruating, eating a partner’s semen doesn’t seem quite so round the twist.”

Evil Spirits Refuse Requests To Leave Womanhttp://bit.ly/2dNiLXp


  • During the annual celebration of Saint Paraskeva in Romania, an obviously distressed, screaming woman was being taken by police to an ambulance
  • A toothless old hag got in the way and told them to take her to the holy relics instead… and they fucking did!
  • When they got to the relics, the bitch forcibly struck the woman’s head into the glass coffin holding the “relic” while the police held her in place.
  • A priest appears saying, “don’t let her go” and the woman screamed, “I’m not getting out!”
  • After the woman in distress fainted, the old woman said that modern medicine would not be needed.
  • No word on what was actually wrong with the woman or how she’s doing.

This Week’s Stories

Shea’s Super Fucked Up Story

Patreon Exclusive! Sorry, it was a time constraint kinda thing but I don’t mind saying that this story alone is worth a buck, iTunes review, e-mail or voicemail. Fer real!

Vampires ate my underwear… http://bit.ly/2dNgCuB

Buy the video here http://bit.ly/2dNhXlb

Patreon story

‘Child Terrorist’ Halloween Costume Offends Customers, Draws Flak For Its Camouflaged Dress – http://bit.ly/2dNi93N

Second Half

Dyatlov Pass. Hold on to your butts.

Who did it? Was it Shea’s relations, UFO’s or the USSR testing their new anti-freedom ray!?

If you think you know the answer, send us an email at podast@interestingiftrue.com or leave a voicemail at (513) 760–0463 or by clicking on the SpeakPipe button on our website or Facebook pages. Inquiring minds want to know… then drink until they’ve forgotten everything about that horrible death mountain.


While most of our topics involve skepticism of religion, in honor of Halloween, let’s talk paranormal.

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Prusik Pilsner | Powderhaus Brewing Company

Faith In Humanity Restored


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