Episode 105 – The One We Recorded In The Before Times…

In this week’s show, episode 105, Georgia man sues the gov’s repository of souls to exorcize the nipple spirits before the election…

In this week’s show, episode 105, Georgia man sues the gov’s repository of souls to exorcize the nipple spirits before the election…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Dalnim (the Korean moon goddess) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that if we had both our arms on the same side we would have F-shirts instead of T-shirts.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know only 10 U.S. states have weekly church attendance above 50%? They’re all in the south, with one exception. (Spoiler, it’s Utah)

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Idaho Select Lager | Wallace Brewing / Orehouse Tasting Room

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2edniT5
  • BA Rating: –
  • Style: American Pale Lager
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Aaron: 5
  • Jenn: 4
  • Shea: 6
  • Steve: 6

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We got a new patron! Thanks to Stephen King for crawling out from under that van to send us a few bucks!

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Thanks to Dustin from Atheist Nomads for the email feedback regarding last week’s beer

“I’ve definitely found that more often than not, Boise breweries make everything taste like an IPA. It’s bad enough that I don’t get excited about a new brewery opening up since I know that even a Porter will kick me in the teeth and make me sneeze. Yes, those bitter hops make me sneeze.”

Found something cool that could be Faith Restored, but it’s more of a resource.


Has done something kinda clever.

They’ve made posters for bars to put up that advise anyone in the bar that if you ask to speak with “Angela” (or another name or drink order that, presumably, isn’t the name of someone actually employed at or made by your bar) the bartenders know that you’re out on a date that’s not going well and you need to be secreted out of the back of the bar to a cab or friends etc.

It’s a great idea, here’s the PDF of the poster: http://bit.ly/2enp7ga

If you run a bar and/or public place of business and the PDF linked doesn’t work for you, send the show an email at podast@interestingiftrue.com I’ll quickly edit it to read whatever name or drink order you desire so it can be used in your business!

By the time this episode airs the election will be in our rear view mirrors and life can begin to go back to it’s somewhat normal flow, provided we’re not now embroiled in a new civil war…

Cat Videos


Religious beliefs interfere with understanding of world – http://bit.ly/2enjjTW

  • Study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology of 258 Finnish people
  • Religious and superstitious people (what’s the difference really) don’t quite understand the physical world
  • They tend to anthropomorphize, such as agreeing with statements such as “stones sense the cold”

“The more the participants believed in religious or other paranormal phenomena, the lower their intuitive physics skills, mechanical and mental rotation abilities, school grades in mathematics and physics, and knowledge about physical and biological phenomena were… and the more they regarded inanimate targets as mental phenomena,” wrote the study’s co-authors Marjaana Lindeman and Annika Svedholm-Häkkinen.

The Finnish scientists see the significance of their work in pointing out that:

“Intuition-based, unfounded theories in astronomy, evolution, matter, mechanics, and other domains persist several decades beyond the acquisition of a mutually exclusive scientific theory, and they affect individuals’ ability to act as informed citizens to make reasoned judgments in a world that are increasingly governed by technology and scientific knowledge.”

What would you do to destroy a gov-ment plot to confine souls? http://bit.ly/2edzqU6

  • Two dumbass Georgia men plotted to destroy the Alaska aurora research facility
  • Coffee County Georgia, Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Mancil, 30, and James Dryden Jr., 22
  • both men confessed

”that God told them to go and blow this machine up that kept souls, so souls could be released. ”the massive amount of arsenal seized looked like something out of a movie, one where a small army was headed to war.”

Among the weapons seized were AR–15 rifles, Glock handguns, a Remington rifle and thousands of rounds of ammunition – Once a U.S. Air Force facility, High Frequency

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This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

Religious chocolate nipples ranging from young girls to mature ladies launched in Japan – http://bit.ly/2edxBGT

  • The Mme KIKI company will be hitting the shelves next year in Japan in the form of women’s nipples.
  • The “CHOCONIP” set will be sold with eight different nipples representing the transformation from a young girl’s nipple to the mature age female nipple.
  • Inspired by the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama Prefecture, which in the past was a facility only for women to worship at, known as a nyonin koya in Japanese.
  • The picture below shows the worshipping of nipples at the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama for things such as fertility and safe childbirth.
  • The Temple Image: http://bit.ly/2enlI12
  • The Boobie Cookies: http://bit.ly/2eXbsc6
  • The chocolate nipples have been designed by modern Japanese artist Makoto Aido, and they look disturbingly real.
  • The Mme KIKI company, which will be manufacturing the chocolate nipples, has said the idea came to them suddenly when they thought “Why don’t we make chocolate in the shape of young girls’ nipples?”

“I think nipples are quite lovely. I thought these chocolates shaped as nipples with extraordinary luck embedded inside should be very sweet,” says creator Makoto Aido. “By mostly using my left and right index fingers I wholeheartedly created eight types of nipples.”

A box of CHOCONIPs will set you back 5,500 yen (US$52.50) and will be sold from the Mme KIKI online store from 6 February next year, but you can preorder your chocolate nipples from 7 January until 10 February.

Shea’s Story

A suit to stop the election – http://bit.ly/2fBvaeE

In a lawsuit she filed this week in federal court in Buffalo, Nolley contends that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is suitably qualified for the office. She requests the election be postponed until such time as more worthy candidates can be drafted to run. “Neither of the candidates running for the Presidential seat shows that they can handle the position,” her lawsuit states, adding that “the character of both candidates falls far below” the standards needed.

Patreon Story – http://patreon.com/w4w

Urban Funkhouse | The Collective Brewing Project

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2fcQhUn
  • BA Rating: –
  • Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: 5
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 2

Next Week’s Beer

Alaskan Amber Alt Style Ale

Faith In Humanity Restored

ECO-Soap! – http://bit.ly/2edwfMb

  • When Samir Lakhani was in Cambodia for the summer building fish ponds with an NGO called Trailblazer Cambodia Organization, he saw a mother washing her child with laundry detergent. Soap is often considered a luxury in the nation, so many families either resort to rubbing their bodies in ash or using industrial cleaning supplies like the mother and child.
  • Samir realized that Siem Reap – a nearby tourist hotspot consisting of over 2 million visitors a year – was also home to over 500 hotels and guesthouses.
  • The student eventually concocted a formula of sanitizing and recycling hotel soap bars that would have been destined for the trash.
  • Since the project’s debut, they have provided 650,000 Cambodians with clean bars of soap. They employ 30 workers who can sell the eco-friendly products as a source of income for themselves, but their “hygiene ambassadors” bring soap to local schools and educate the youth on proper hand-washing techniques.
  • In the United States, hotel chains throw out 2.6 million bars of soap every day – but thanks to Samir, those products will find new homes in the hands of less fortunate families.

Watch This Promotional Video From The Project – http://bit.ly/2eXj3XZ

Man Pays Off All Overdue Lunch Fees at Hometown Elementary Schoolhttp://bit.ly/2eXezAA

  • Earlier this week, Jerry Fenton walked into Grimes Elementary School of Burlington, Iowa and wrote a check for $700 – enough to pay off the current $458 debt, and to buy lunch for many struggling students in the future.

“I gave them extra money in the account so that every kid at Grimes Elementary school won’t be hungry the rest of this school year,” Fenton posted on Facebook last Tuesday. “Now it’s your turn to do something good for your fellow man.”

  • The donation helped approximately 89 kids and their parents. Most of the students don’t even know when they’re over drafted because the notice goes straight to the parents.

“Wowsers! Jerry Fenton, a citizen of our community paid for all overdue lunches of all Grimes kids today!” posted the school on their Facebook page. “Jerry, you are our hero!

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