Episode 109 – The One Where We Pull Up Our Big Boy Loin-Kippahs

In this week’s show, episode 109, we help some Orthodox Jews shoot the dicks off some dumb Millennials!

In this week’s show, episode 109, we help some Orthodox Jews shoot the dicks off some dumb Millennials!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the democracy hypothesis — because, while kakistocracy, govt. by the worst persons, hasn’t enslaved us yet, we are trying Drumph’s patience!

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Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that blood is thicker than water, but maple syrup is thicker than blood… Therefore pancakes are stronger than family.

Jim’s Good Gay News For The Week

The American Family Association is being investigated by the State of Connecticut, where they are listed as a charitable organization for the state’s employee donation program.  There are questions about whether they comply with the non-discrimination requirements and if they actually do anything charitable. Turns out, hating the gays might not count.

Hate group is upset it may get thrown off Connecticut’s employee donation plan – LGBTQ Nation –  http://bit.ly/2gqqmLa

I’m Steve, but before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Hiatus | Renegade Brewing Company  Cold Coffee-infused Oatmeal Ale

  • BA Link:  http://bit.ly/2fyIpzO
  • BA Rating: 84
  • Style: American Brown Ale
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: N/A
  • Jim: 8
  • Shea: 5
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Roundtable Discussion


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A couple of Stitcher reviews…sorry for the delay but we did warn you!

★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.

Camilla from Drøbak 8 days ago


Just the right amount of politics, trivia, humor, and laughs. And beer. Sadly I can’t join you in most of your beer reviews since I’m in Norway, but I love listening to you get increasingly drunk during the show! And I put the Ø in my nickname just to hear you pronounce it ;- Cheers to you all, and stay sparkly!

★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.

spencer2 5 months ago


Good stuff no profanity allowed in reviews i guess, highly recommended if you like other podcasts like cognitive dissonance, no religion required, dogma debate etc.

Follow Up


Cum Rags for Congress’: Satanists Protest Texas Abortion Law with Semen Socks | Broadly –  http://bit.ly/2goJiKe

  • Satanic Temple spokesperson, Jex Blackmore, is publicly encouraging people to mail cum-covered socks or whatever to Texas Governer Greg Abbott
  • This is in response to an amazingly stupid new Texas law requiring funeral services for fetuses
  • The campaign, titled “Cumrags for Congress,” is meant to expose the absurdity of forcing people to treat fetal tissue as human remains.
  • “The concept of the state mandating a non-medical ritual as part of the abortion procedure is offensive and crude, essentially demanding that all citizens adopt the moral, philosophical opinion that fetal tissue is comparable to a living human,”
  • When asked to elaborate on the symbolic significance of the action, Blackmore responds, “It’s crass, humiliating, disgusting, a waste of resources, and absurd, just like this regulation.”

Man over reacts… oh god does he over-reacts… –  http://dailym.ai/2goCQ5Z

  • Ghasi Ram, 37, from Northern India, cut off his own penis after losing his cool
  • Arriving home drunk, he wanted sex from his wife who turned him down
  • Grabbed a knife and chopped off his own dick
  • His wife called for help.
  • Wife, Manjhri, said he was a habitual drunk and she was angry with him
  • He says it’s been 10-12 years since they’ve had sex

Religion really is the opiate of the masses or mormons –  http://bit.ly/2goVJFF

  • MRI scans performed by Univ. of Utah scientists monitored the brain activity of 19 devout Mormons
  • During a variety of tasks including relaxing, praying, reading quotes from religious leaders, reading the bible, etc
  • All subjects 7W-12M had been missionaries
  • told to press a button when they “felt the spirit”
  • “Their brains were being scanned the whole time, and the results showed an interesting pattern. The regions that lit up were part of the reward circuit of the brain, which researchers also know is stimulated by things like drugs, junk food, and sex.”


Tossing Shea’d At Millennials

Millennials are the real reason to be terrified of the future! –  http://bzfd.it/2goQUfJ

Lately, we have all been blaming things on Obama, Trumpf and Hillary, but I feel like we have exhausted many if the jokes and we have grown weary of politics. So this week I decided to delve into the terrible scary world of Millennials! Now you may have missed the scary headlines or glazed over the news reports but today I have dug up everything wrong with my generation!

I Want A Do-Over Wife!

Pakistani Man Murders Wife In “Honor Killing” . . . 15 Years After Killing His First Wife For The Same Reason | JONATHAN TURLEY – http://bit.ly/2goJMQg

  • The man in his 50s has been charged with slitting his wife’s throat in Pakistan during an argument and been arrested by police.
  • “My wife had relations with another man. I am not ashamed what I have done,”
  • while reportedly confessing to the murder. A mob who heard his wife’s screams reportedly beat him when they discovered his actions.
  • “I warned her many times but she did not understand. I even tried to convince her the night before I killed her.”
  • Taj Muhammad Wasan, a police inspector in the area, said the accused had already murdered his first wife, and mother of his three children, 15 years earlier on the same “grounds”.
  • “He had been imprisoned for killing his first wife who was his maternal uncle’s daughter with whom he also had three children,” said Mr. Wasan.

A Spotting Story…

  • A Former Orthodox Jewish Woman Explains How She Had to Take Her Panties to a Rabbi for Inspection –  http://bit.ly/2goVLxh
  • Katia Aryeh, a former Orthodox Jew, writes in an article for Richard Dawkins‘ website about how, in addition to honoring the Sabbath and eating kosher, there was another less-discussed aspect of the faith that was truly disturbing: Niddah http://bit.ly/2goNiul
  • It’s a practice that says women have to be “clean” following their periods before they can have sex with their husbands again.
  • Tradition says seven days after menstruation should be enough, but if there’s any ambiguity about it, don’t worry: Rabbis will check your panties http://bit.ly/2goLO30
    before giving you the green light.
  • If during the seven days after menstruation any of the examination cloths inserted into the vagina contain even a tiny spot darker than tan, or a spot on her underwear bigger than a penny and darker than tan, she must take the underwear or cloth to a special rabbi for further evaluation. This Rabbi will then examine the color to determine if it is light enough for her to keep counting, or if it’s too dark or too red tinted such that she must begin counting the seven clean days over, even if it is day 7. Seeing a spot obviously induces massive anxiety for housewives longing for any affection from their husbands, many of whom also worry that their deprived husbands will start looking elsewhere.

A tale as old as time…

Judge to Divorced Jewish Dad: You Were Wrong to Go to a Museum and Expose Your Child to Evolution – Friendly Atheist – http://bit.ly/2goNUA7

  • According to a judgment http://bit.ly/2goIiFS
    handed down last year, but made public only now, the couple had been members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Satmar sect, a group that shuns all aspects of modern life… “Jew-mishes”? But how quickly can they build a kosher barn?
  • The mother wanted the father who is still an observant Jew but not quite that extreme anymore to give her kids the “full Satmar experience” when they were with him. She argued that he was violating that agreement by, among other things, taking them to a museum where they might learn about evolution.
  • … given the Satmar approach to that theory of evolution, it seems to me to have been unwise of the father to take the children to a Museum which exhibits pictures which appear — or may be taken — to depict extracts from that very theory. In his closing submissions, the father says “I do not accept that showing them children’s story books or pictures on the wall, with pictures of monkeys with human faces or standing upright is teaching evolution”. That is a naïve statement: such pictures are likely to represent the evolution theory and they are likely to prompt these bright young children to ask questions which, if answered honestly, would involve some explanation of that theory. This assertion of the father does not demonstrate his full acceptance of the principle that these children should only be exposed to experiences in his world at a slow and sensitive pace.
  • The judge also chastised the father for telling his five-year-old son that “babies grow in the mother’s tummy” and “mothers and fathers go to bed together.” Because that’s practically teaching the child about sex,
  • Commenting on the judgment, BHA Campaigns Manager Richy Thompson said, ‘That a judge could criticise a father for seeking to educate his children in line with the established scientific consensus, information they would have received had they attended any state school in the country, and then defend the attempts of their mother and their school to withhold such information from them, is appalling.
  • ‘Whilst on the face of it this seems to be an issue between mother and father, it speaks to a far wider problem. It remains the case that incidents like this simply wouldn’t arise if private schools were held to the same standards as state-funded schools, obliged to teach a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares children for life in the modern world and barred from promoting pseudoscience and creationism. This father and his children were failed by the education system and now they’ve been failed by the legal system, and we will be working to ensure that reforms are introduced to ensure these kinds of situations are to be avoided in the future.’

Patreon Story With Jenn!

Jenn hasn’t been on in a while and might not be for a few weeks. Which is sad. Fortunately, we pre-recorded a bunch of stuff! If you’re missing your Jenn — and let’s face it, we all are — you’ll find her story this week at http://patreon.com/w4w

Naked Lizard Proves Hair Scales And Feathers Descend From Single Reptilian Ancestor Study Says – http://to.pbs.org/29ukdef

  • A decades-long scientific debate is finally resolved, thanks to a naked lizard.
  • Scientists have uncovered the link between the hair of mammals, the feathers of birds and the scales of reptiles. And the discovery, published today in the journal Science Advances, suggests all of these animals, including humans, descended from a single reptilian ancestor approximately 320 million years ago.
  • Before this study, the scientific community was divided over how hair, feathers, and scales evolved. Developmentally speaking, these different “skin appendages” start almost identically, but then appeared to hit a crossroad. While birds and mammals from places — thickened bits in the skin that blossom feathers or hairs — reptiles showed no signs of the feature.
  • Michel Milinkovitch of the University of Geneva stumbled upon a naked lizard: a mutant form of the scaleless Australian bearded dragon. He discovered they did not express ectodysplasin-A EDA—a gene responsible for forming skin appendages, specifically places.
  • As the team studied the EDA gene, they discovered the solution to the evolutionary debate: Contrary to previous findings, reptiles do have physical places.
  • “They were always there,” Milinkovitch said. “We were just looking in the right place at the right time.”
  • With this discovery, the evolutionary kink disappears. All amniotes — creatures that have an extra membrane or barrier around their eggs, including most mammals, birds, and reptiles — can trace their lineage back to a common reptilian ancestor. This includes bearded dragons, chickens, mice, and humans, just to name a few.

Next Week’s Beer

Winter Solstice Season Ale –  http://bit.ly/2fj1IZU

  • Anderson Valley Brewing Company
  • BA: 87
  • ABV: 6.9%

Faith In Humanity Restored

This Muslim restaurant will feed the homeless and elderly for free on Christmas Day –  http://cnn.it/2goKCN9

“No one eats alone on a Christmas Day! We are here to sit with you,” said the restaurant.

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