Episode 114 – The One Where Shea Learns Asparamancy

In this week’s show, episode 114, AiG launches an r-Kansas retreat for all the good astronaut boys and boys who eat their veggies and reflect on the year gone by.

In this week’s show, episode 114, AiG launches an r-Kansas retreat for all the good astronaut boys and boys who eat their veggies and reflect on the year gone by.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Anat Canaanite goddess of love and war hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that if you step on a person’s foot they open their mouths, just like trash cans.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know practitioners of Candomble an African based religion brought to the Americas by slave ships, believe in one all powerful God called Oludumaré, who is served by lesser deities!

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Wick for Brains Pumpkin Ale – Nebraska Brewing Company

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  • Steve: 1

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

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This podcast is a keeper! by: Sweet Pea Brown United States

I love this show even though I don’t drink beer. I love the back and forth of timely articles and the presence of estrogen in the midst of all that testosterone. Informative and entertaining. Keep it up.

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We’ve got mail!

Shea got a letter from RW, Shea…

Texts from Cthulhu.

This is Cthulhu the Octopus God. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year. You will probably be like me and only staying up to watch 2016 die. Also, recently had the chance to try a Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. I really did not like it. It was very acidic with very little vanilla. I think I will go Big Gay Jim style to bring in the New Year with so Scotch or Whiskey.


Followup – Middle School Bible Club Shut Down in Missouri, But Not for Any of the Right Reasons http://bit.ly/2iqyc8o

  • Teacher, “Mrs. Olson”, was bribing students with donuts which they couldn’t have until finished to attend bible study in school led by other faculty and outside church members
  • American Humanist Association sent letter about this bullshit to school
  • School shut it down because it violated school board policy that restricted student-initiated groups to high-schoolers, not because it was fucking unlawful

More good news from Answers in Genesis http://bit.ly/2iqGCwD

  • In July 2017, the dumpster fire that is Ken Hamm’s Answers in Genesis is hosting a “World Religions Conference”
  • “Christians need to know what other religions believe and then learn how to reach the lost souls mired in them.”
  • Includes tickets for access to both the Ark Park and the Creation Museum
  • For some reason, they need four days to preach to the converted about how to convert those already converted… to other religions
  • I’m confident the stupid will be strong in this one

More good news from Afghanistanhttp://dailym.ai/2iqBSXX

  • In a move that makes Saudi Arabia seem nearly normal, woman was beheaded for entering a city
  • Her crime, going on a shopping trip without her husband, to a market in Sar-e-Pul province
  • Husband was away in Iran
  • Taliban have rule forbidding women from leaving home with close male accompaniment
  • They are also banned from working or education and are forced to wear the burqa.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Future Relieved!

Fortune teller who uses ASPARAGUS to predict the future claims ‘national treasure’ Brit couple will divorce – http://bit.ly/2iq24lw

  • Jemima Packington throws asparagus spears into the air and interprets the way they land
  • Otherwise known as the Asparamancer, or Mystic Veg – has been throwing asparagus spears into the air and interpreting the way they land for many years to predict the future.
  • She added that when she does readings for people – up to 50 a day – at the British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham she often gets repeat business from people she saw in previous years because her forecasts were so accurate.
  • She says she inherited the gift from her elderly aunt who used to read tea leaves.
  • Her other predictions for 2017 include:
  • The USA will be seen as a pariah under the presidency of Donald Trump
  • Brexit will go ahead despite efforts of those wishing to derail it
  • Other EU countries will follow UK’s example and apply to withdraw from the EU
  • Troubling times for the Royal Family
  • Many more sporting scandal stories will emerge with very high profile figures falling from grace
  • The political atmosphere of certain EU countries will change with the deposing of several prominent leaders
  • Political turmoil within UK opposition parties will rumble on
  • A major review of the UK’s education system will be undertaken

“I’m sure that Jemima’s annual predictions will also attract wide media interest as they have in the past and thank her for continuing to keep Vale of Evesham asparagus on the world-wide map.”

She has been dubbed ‘Ambassador for Vale Gras the Vale of Evesham even though she now lives in Bath!

“It is a great honor to be associated with it and it is great fun. I do it because I enjoy doing it,” she said.


It seems to me like this might all be just a bit of fun put on to promote the festival. And to their credit, it’s worked wonderfully as we’ve just linked to it. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and I don’t see how this could possibly be taken seriously… And frankly, who doesn’t love a grilled asparagus?… right…

This Week’s Patreon Story

Wifi Sniffles – http://bbc.in/2iqefif

So yeah. People think this is a thing…

Jenn’s Story

Science and Equality! Let’s get the fuck out of our country—in fact, let’s leave the planet altogether. Congratulations to Jeanette Epps, who has become the first African American onboard the International Space Station. – http://huff.to/2iqEQLZ

The ISS has been in orbit since 1998 and is now the largest artificial body in orbit and can sometimes be seen by the naked eye from Earth. It was intended to be a laboratory, observatory, and factory in low Earth orbit. It was also planned to provide transportation, maintenance, and act as a staging base for possible future missions to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.

NASA has sent 14 black astronauts into space in previous missions, but Epps will be the 1st African American and only 13th woman aboard the ISS.

I’m hoping lots of the young girls who are considering looking into education/careers in the STEM fields look to Epps as a mentor. She has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and has served as an astronaut since 2009. She has also spent seven years as a technical intelligence officer for the Central Intelligence Agency. She is also a former NASA Graduate Student Researchers Project fellow, will be one of among 200 astronauts who have visited the ISS.

Shea Has Flashbacks

Episode Links Will Being Playing At The Story!

The Poop Cup Story http://bit.ly/2iqspjk

If you weren’t a listener last year, you pretty much need to listen to this. The audio is less awesome than it is now, but not by much. It’s super listenable and well worth your time. Also keep in mind that we were like 15 beer tastings in at this point…

Episode 78 – The Fallen Angel – http://bit.ly/2iquXxS

  • Last year on March 12th, 2016 in Jakarta an angel fell to Earth only to be found by a 21-year-old fisherman who brought her home to care for her.
  • Village buzz caught the attention of the local police who then went to investigate the so called angel. Only then did everyone discover it was an inflatable doll.
  • Police Chief said the parents of the fisherman changed the doll’s clothes every day and was given a blouse and a hijab – a way to care for it as it slowly deflated.

Episode 68 – Saudi Arabian Hogwarts Courses – http://bit.ly/2imsP6N

  • Recruits in an anti-witchcraft unit within Saudi Arabia’s powerful religious police have begun a new training course on theoretical and practical aspects of countering sorcery and the black arts, the practice of which is punishable by death.
  • They completed a five-day course on combating magic at the headquarters of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice
  • How to identify magicians and destroy black artworks.
  • The unit had formed nine bureaus for fighting witchcraft by 2011, and in 2012 alone charged 215 magicians, the report said.
  • The country carried out at least 157 executions in 2015, with beheadings reaching their highest level in the kingdom there in two decades


  • They must have been trained really well because of this year beheadings alone, are up more than double from 2015!
  • Way to go, Saudi Arabia, Witchcraft must be down now, good job!

Episode 69 – Because Numerology Is Funny… http://bit.ly/2imudX5

This is just an episode link cause we don’t actually talk about this episode for that matter, I don’t even remember what it’s about but we’re children so the name is funny.

Episode 103 – The Dyatlov Passhttp://bit.ly/2iqBecN

  • Loved everything about this story so you need to go back and listen if you missed it. I have a new theory, and by theory I mean truth…
  • Our story took place in 1959 in a remote Russian mountain pass where 9 hikers all bolted from their tent, shoe-less and scared, to their inevitable deaths in the freezing weather.
  • I postulate that this coincided with the solar flare of July 16th of the same year
  • This flare started a series of events allowing a demon to be summoned on Dyatlov Pass in the middle of these poor hikers tent…
  • As we all know demons are scary and when faced with the orange glow of hell fires the last thing you think about is shoes.
  • There is proof of this demon! As we know there has been many prophesies of the anti-Christ and the beast that is America.
  • Had these chicken shitted hikers stayed and taken up their mantle of demon hunters then maybe the hell colored demon would never have run for president!

Honorable Mentions

Less Honorable Mentions…

The Poop Statue story we can’t remember or find. So… a current Patreon cut the show to anyone who remembers when that was!

We mention a story about a dog fucker. And just to be clear it is, in fact, about some lady who fucks dogs. You probably shouldn’t listen to it. Also, the audio kinda sucks and it’s terrible and listening to it will make baby Jesus cry.

But if you must… http://bit.ly/2iqB9Gf

Next Week’s Beer

Roundhouse – Bell’s Brewing

Donated by RW

BA Link: http://bit.ly/2iqsJys

Faith In Humanity Restored

RBG sends personal note to 8yr old girl who dressed up like her on Superhero’s Day – http://huff.to/2immit2

The Notorious RBG Coloring Book! – http://bit.ly/2iqFmtr

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