Episode 128 – The One Where We Get Chompy to The Methabone Clinic… (Bonus Patreon Release!)

In this week’s show, episode 128, Brent joins us in-studio to use his brain powers to explain how a Texan got his tentacles into gator-eaten genitals.

When Episode 128 airs we’ll all be at ReasonCon!

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In this week’s show, episode 128, Brent joins us in-studio to use his brain powers to explain how a Texan got his tentacles into gator-eaten genitals.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while The Easter Bunny hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying its(?) patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that we live in an age that with one button click you can order a hitman to show up at your house to kill you! This is the last time I let my wife

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you that astronomer Caroline Herschel was the first woman to discover a comet and, in 1787, she also became the first woman—at a time when even men rarely received wages for scientific enterprises—to receive a salary for services to science.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Insel Kreide Seltenes Bier – From Dennis

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2ob9qMt
  • BA Rating: 3.8 (from RateBeer.com)
  • Style: Witbier
  • ABV: 5.5
  • Aaron: 9
  • Jenn: 8
  • Shea: 8
  • Steve: 7
  • Brent: 9

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Opening Round Table this is Marti, Marti Graw letting us know about Drag Queen Bingo on April 29th at the University of Wyoming Conference Center & Hilton Garden Inn! The theme is dress like the decade you love – I’m going 50’s! The event is to benefit Wyoming AIDs Assistance program!

Thanks for reminding us about how good it is to be a Patron… And we’ve got someone in the studio who can attest to that! Say “hi” Brent! If you want more Brent, check out Patron-only episodes 4 More Beers wherein we review a special Ballast Point!

Shea’s maybe a spirit animal… or maybe not…

Speaking of Shea’s business, last week’s gator-fucker headline was bullshit.

Apparently drinking before discerning fake news from real isn’t a good plan after all.

But don’t worry, we’re nothing if not willing to admit our faults and try again! So yes, we were wrong about Gator-Fucker, but we’ll redeem ourselves with Gator-Fucker Part 2: The ReGatorFuckening!

Per Mark’s comments about ReasonCon Supporting North Carolina,

You bet, always happy to reply to the listeners and sorry we won’t be able to meet you there but we understand – also we’ll make sure to post plenty of good stuff on Twitter so you fine folks can follow along!

Speaking of North Carolina and ReasonCon being there!

We got a follow up from RebOx

Regarding Mark’s comment about ReasonCon not boycotting NC… there’s an episode of Bar Room Atheist (Episode 079) where Bill and Suzy talk to Gene (the guy heading up ReasonCon for his first time). It starts around 13 minutes in. He talks about that. http://apple.co/2okeXNH

And thanks for filling out that testament to the quality of our women’s v-neck shirts :)

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HL! – That’s Using Someone’s Brain!http://bit.ly/2osTEcK

Eeeeeewwwwwwww! Don’t smoke brain juice you find under a porch. That’s not ok and never will be!

HL2 – Bootied To Deathhttp://bit.ly/2oMjcoN

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said 67-year-old Robert Gene White passed away while getting lap dances at a strip club.

Investigators told KVIA-TV that the man became unresponsive when it came time to pay the dancers at The Red Parrot in El Paso. After realizing he wasn’t trying to skip out on paying for the services, employees tried to perform CPR.

That didn’t work, so emergency services were called and they took White to a local hospital. Sheriff’s officials said it appears White died of natural causes, but they declined to release any other details.

HL3 – Do Not Feed The Gators… Meth. – http://bit.ly/2osKehl

A 52-year old man from Tavares in Florida’s Lake County is in intensive care after he was seriously injured during a ‘five-day binge on methamphetamine’. Mr. Frank Canfield was found by neighbors ‘writing on the ground in pain’ outside his property clutching his crotch.

Unable to interview Mr. Canfield due to his injuries, investigators turned their attention to a 28-year old woman who had been living at his property and is believed to be his girlfriend.

According to the woman, the pair had spent the past few days “smoking crystal meth.”

Mr. Canfield became violent and threatened her with a knife, before running into the backyard. She followed him outside and saw he had removed his clothes.

“I was puzzled about what he was going to do next, I had no idea that he would cut off his privates.”

“Remarkably, he seemed quite calm as he began cutting,” she said. “I was the one screaming and begging him to stop.”

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears, and Mr. Canfield finished his gory task.

“As soon as he finished cutting he jumped over the back fence and ran away,”

A team of searchers combed the area

“In the footage, we can see Mr. Canfield alongside the canal that runs behind his property,” “In his hand he’s holding his genitals, we believe. At this point, he spots an alligator on the opposite side of the canal, and he flings his genitals in that direction.” The gator is alleged to ‘quickly pounce on Mr. Canfield’s genitals and consume them’. “There’s no chance whatsoever of recovering them,”

This Week’s Stories

Jenn’s Octopussy

Sassy and Smart Cephalopods – Apparently they are also self-geneticists.

The Octopus is able to re-write its RNA

The Octopus is one of the smartest animals in nature, even though they basically look like alien toys and are delicious with wasabi. In actuality, they are multi-limbed Houdini’s, puzzle masters and warmly attentive mothers. If there is a Shawshank Redemption sequel or remake, it needs to star octopi.

James Wood of The Cephalopod Page (I bet he has to beat the ladies off with a baseball bat) said that over the years of him working with octopuses, he has already seen many octopuses escape, including one in Bermuda that managed to escape several times from its closed aquarium to eat the inhabitants of another enclosure. There was also the story of how a female in Australia kept getting pregnant even though she was not around any other tentacles. Apparently, a fellow from a few tanks overpaid her a mystery visit at some point. AND she was able to store packets of the sperm to fertilize herself more than once. Octopus ‘A little bit’ pregnant

No word on baby-octopi support from deadbeat dads.

“The octopus appears to be utterly different from all other animals, even other mollusks, with its eight prehensile arms, its large brain, and its clever problem-solving capabilities,”

said Clifton Ragsdale from the University of Chicago, who was part of a 2015 study that sequenced the genome of octopuses.

Researchers who have been studying how cephalopods edit their genome discovered that instead of relying on DNA mutations to adapt, squids, octopuses, and cuttlefish can make changes to their RNA, which is considered the genetic messenger that carries out the instructions from DNA. Many of the RNA edits happen in the brain of the cephalopods, including an adaptation that allows the neurons of the animals to function in cold environments.

Story Time with Stevehttp://bit.ly/2oMiBDi

“Do you believe in God?”, is a question that many people have a hard time answering honestly. There are a lot of reasons behind this, from the general stigma that many people have regarding atheists, a deeply ingrained sense that atheists are bad, to people simply not caring enough to give it much thought and going with what they’ve been told by their family or peers. The general consensus from Pew polling shows that around 3% of the US population say they are atheists, though around 9% say they do not believe in God or a universal spirit. Gallop asked directly in 2016, “Do you believe in God” and found that 10% of respondents said No.

Researchers Will Gervais and Maxine Jajle of the University of Kentucky Psychology department wanted to find out if the actual number of atheists differed from the number of self-proclaimed atheists and their new study seems to show that there are a lot more atheists in the US than previous polls have demonstrated. They wanted to learn the total number atheists” in our country, regardless of whether or not they were reluctant to admit it.

Since a lack of religious belief is heavily stigmatized in our country (and most places), they wanted to create a study that would get people to more accurately report their thinking regarding the existence of a god. So, to do this they had to design a questionnaire that didn’t require people to directly say, “I don’t believe in God”, o v r “I believe there is no God.” To do this they had to get clever and I personally think they did it.

They made a questionnaire that contained a list of statements about benign things in life such as, “I have a dishwasher in my kitchen.”; “I’m a vegetarian.”; and “I can drive a motorcycle.” They asked respondents to answer only a single question of, “How many of these statements are NOT true for you?” The control group got the basic list, the test group got exactly the same list, except it also added the statement, “I believe in God”. By comparing the results of the two test groups, they concluded that somewhere between 25-35% of Americans don’t believe in God.

In order to verify the validity of their testing, they created a second group of questions, this time three lists, and asked them to another group of respondents. This time two of the lists didn’t mention God at all, and one replaced the statement, “I do not believe in God.”, with the nonsense statement, “I do not believe that 2+2 is less than 13.” This test yielded a slightly lower number of atheists, possibly because people are more anxious to be definitive about disbelief.

This study admittedly has a wide margin of error, but even conservatively interpreted, it seems to show that there are a lot more atheists in the US than previously thought. It tells me personally that we need to keep up our efforts to destigmatize the term atheist and the very idea that a disbelief in a supreme being has bearing an individual’s moral fabric. This is perhaps the most damaging since, for a large part of society, being an atheist means that one cannot also be moral. We know this is not true and we have to work hard to show how wrong that way of thinking is.

Next Week’s Beer

Finkel & Garf Wheat with Cherries & Black Currants – from Jenn

Last Week’s Beer

  • Jenn: 6
  • Brent: 7

Faith In Dogmanity Restored

The story of Pratima Devi, the woman who has adopted more than 400 stray dogs

This 62-year-old Indian woman has adopted more than 400 stray dogs off the streets in New Delhi. She does this while making ends meet as a rag picker. Her mission was inspired after a dog saved her life years ago. 62-year-old Pratima Devi, a rag picker who runs a small tea stand, cares about over 400 dogs ’cause she’s amazing.

Bonus Cat Video

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