Episode 135 – The One Where We Pray The Preacherbots Away

In This Week’s Show, episode 135, Shea slapped DisPod’s ass and we rode the wave all the way to the top of Religion Other, thanks, guys!

In This Week’s Show, episode 135, Shea slapped DisPod’s ass and we rode the wave all the way to the top of Religion Other, thanks, guys!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Mami Wata (the African goddess who is the embodiment of water) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know Hans Christian Anderson (he of terribly depressing children’s fables) was in real life a distractingly awkward bisexual uber-masturbater? In fact, he kept a detailed journal of every…emission, complete with time, satisfaction level and what he fantasized about. Kinda makes my childhood feel weird.

And I’m Steve, But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Bruce Banner APA – Lost Cabin Beer Co. – Rapid City, South Dakota

Provided by Steve

  1. Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2rL1a95
  2. BA Score: n/a
  3. ABV: 5.6%
  4. Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
  5. Aaron: 7
  6. Jenn: 8
  7. Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Jenn and I were on Cognitive Dissonance!

Episode 362: Waiting 4 Wrath – http://bit.ly/2s9Y0fc

Big thanks to Tom and Cecil! We had a blast and, I think, did a pretty good job of not letting our nerves get the best of us…So check it out!

We were also on the most recent episode of 403 of the Imaginary Friends Show doot cum poodcast and it was great! So hearty thanks to Jake for tolerating our nonsense not once but twice!

iFriends 403: iFriends 403 Fallout – http://bit.ly/2s9Ir7c

And so, if you’re joining us from Jake’s show please be aware that we use terrible, terrible language, get drunk and then try to wax poetic, but usually just end up making jokes about waxing Shea.

If you’re joining us from Cognitive Dissonance please know that our show is a lot like theirs… except without the thoughtfulness or insight.

That’s a lot of other shows but we can’t forget our friends Matt & Tim!

You heard them question my commercial ability and drive Jenn to her wits end, now go listen to them have a real discussion about religious history, research and being all smarty-pantses!

Atheism 101 – Atheism101podcast.com!

And we have one more, the Prophet Jeremiah will be in studio next week!


While we’re ‘yakking’ about other shows we need to celebrate this week’s newest patreon – Secular Yakking! http://secularyakking.com

Secular Yakking is a great talk show covering current events and church-state separation with Husband and wife team Robert and Amy!

From shows and patrons to patrons reviewing our show, it’s Fenrir! Infamous Norse wolf is a fan! By: Fenrir 04

Beer, current events, LGBTQ issues, serious topics, delightful host and a yeti? Waiting 4 wrath has it all! With a delightful cast of friends, Jenn, Aaron, Steve, (my spirit yeti) Shea, and my spirit animal big gay Jim, they make you feel like a friend. Wish I could share a beer with them in person.

Shout out for the correction/expansion to my lesson last week. I made it sound like Greek historian Herodotus was a fully credible source but as Kamil pointed out, he employed the Homeric style of history with monsters and fuck-all when it came to a scientific understanding. So, sorry if I mislead, but the excavations WERE REAL.


Dipshit Kentucky Governor Advocates For Roaming Faith Healing – http://bit.ly/2s9Y0fc

  1. KY-Gov, Matt Bevin, said in a press conference that he believes roving groups of religious folks roaming around Louisville’s troubled communities will make it all better (paraphrased).
  2. He seriously thinks that walking and praying will curb violence in KY’s most dangerous neighborhoods and he’s asking groups to commit to this for a year
  3. Rather that address the issues that actually cause the problems such as homelessness, education, and healthcare, why not just pray about it?
  4. Rev. Clay Calloway of St. Stephen Baptist, summed up the meeting pretty well, saying he needed a “barf bag”, and “He didn’t say anything of substance,” Calloway said. “He has a responsibility to produce public policy, regulation and provide resources. We don’t need a sermon or him quoting Scripture, we know the Bible and we’re already praying.”

From The What The Fuck Was You Thinking Department – Don’t Put Wasp Nests In Your Vag. – http://ind.pn/2sa3TZW

  1. Lately, there’s been another “all natural” treatment making the rounds. This one is to grind up Oak Galls, which I had never heard of, and into a paste and put it into the vagina in order to tighten it up and get rid of bad smells.
  2. Oak Galls resemble little balls growing on the underside of oak leaves which are deformities formed by wasps laying eggs in a tree’s leaf buds as a place for its larva to develop.
  3. Gynecologist, Jen Gunter, however, has some concerns, such as this can lead to painful sex, fucking with the vagina’s flora, and increased risk of contracting HIV

“It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria. In addition to causing pain during sex it can increase the risk of HIV transmission. This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm.”

  1. The Etsy retailer that Dr. Gunter found selling the oak galls – Heritage Health Shop – claimed that they could improve sex lives and be used on cuts with a warning that the paste will hurt.

“Here’s a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina it is generally bad for the vagina,” Dr. Gunter added.

Florida School District To Finally Do The Right Thing – http://bit.ly/2s9O5Gj

  1. A few months ago, Chaz Stevens, noticed that Boca Raton High School had banners promoting a Jewish Temple and a local church on the fences which surround the facility.
  2. He applied to put his own advertisement beside those for the “The Church of Satanology and Perpetual Soiree.”
  3. After submitting two requests which were both ignored, he got his lawyer involved to inform that district that ignoring him could lead to a lawsuit since in a 2015 case, the district had argued that those very advertisements were a form of government speech.
  4. Since they’re government speech, then the district can’t discriminate on the basis of religion.
  5. Now, the Palm Beach County school board is considering a new proposal to ban all advertising from groups whose goals are “inconsistent with the educational mission of the School Board…” “… religious affiliated organizations; churches; organizations promoting or supporting agnostic or atheist beliefs; satanic affiliated organizations; persons seeking political office; political causes and organizations promoting or supporting political causes or controversial subjects…” “They’ve backed themselves into a corner by declaring that these banners are government speech,” said Andrew Seidel, an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “And because of that, they absolutely cannot promote religion, and they cannot denigrate religion. This is the logical legal outcome of their previous cases.”
  6. More from Andrew: http://AndrewLSeidel.com
  7. Chaz Stevens said, “Jesus Horatio Christ, my prayers have been answered.”

This Week’s Stories

Is that a giant bone, Mr. Ground Sloth, or are you just happy to see me?

In the lengthy tradition of finding crazy shit when doing railway construction (i.e. King Henry III under a London parking lot and Viggo the Carpathian River of Slime in NYC’s subway), I bring you a treasure trove of exciting megafauna bones found by Los Angeles METRO workers.

BBC – http://bbc.in/2s9U4Ld

LA Fox News – http://fxn.ws/2sa8FGT

Back in May workers with the Metropolitan Transportation were working 16ft below ground when they began to unearth bones that turned out not to be the buried remains of failed actors or crushed dreams. In fact, the greatest find here was a hip bone that turned out to belong to a Harlan’s Ground Sloth. This particular sloth was estimated to weigh about 1,500lbs and was about 10ft in length. Along with the hip bone was also a fossilized bison bone, making for the saddest ending in an Ice Age movie sequel yet.

The bison and sloth were estimated to roam the Los Angeles Basin between 11,000 and 40,000 yrs ago (no word from creationists how the sloth and bison explain their travels before the Earth was created). It took scientists at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum about 8 days to identify the source of the bones and expected to be moved to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in the near future.

This same area of METRO lines has also unearthed remains of ancient camels, mastodons, and mammoths.

Fabulous Nests & Where To Find Them

Just bc we aren’t as photo-op ready as those penguins, we’re still fabulous lovebirds,” says happy gay vulture couple at the hatching of their first egg.


ABC News

Proving it’s still one of the most progressive cities in the world, an Amsterdam Zoo proudly announces the hatching of a baby griffon vulture, watched over by its mated dads.

The Dutch zoo, Artis, said in a statement Wednesday that keepers who found an egg on the floor of the vulture aviary initially put it in an incubator but later placed in a nest that the two male birds built together in the enclosure. (Because loving couples should be able to adopt, no matter the gender division.) The dads, together for years, had been mating and started building nests in January.

One zookeeper, Job van Tol said he thought it was a “pity” that they could not reproduce because they seemed “really strong couple”.

This was an experiment as zoos have never tried this with same-sex vulture couples, but decided they would give the pair a shot at parenthood.

“The zookeepers put the egg in their nest and watched in awe as the two males took turns keeping it warm. In May, Van Tol said he climbed up to the nest and was stunned. “I saw this little moving baby chick,” he said, adding that he signaled for another caretaker to come watch the young family in action. “It was a special moment. We fell into each other’s arms, which we never do. This we just couldn’t believe.” “They did it. They hatched the egg,” he added. “For now, it’s 20 days old and it grows like crazy. They are such good parents. They do everything well. They are very protective. It’s beautiful.”

So the dads seem to very, very good vulture parents. They are splitting their duties evenly, taking turns caring for their young, foraging for food, feeding it and defending the nest. There’s no guarantee of what the future holds, but Griffon vultures are monogamous animals and tend to stay in couples for years. So relationship goals brought to you by two gay vultures and them little one.

One last fun bit of science info:

More than 1,500 species of animals are known to form same-sex couples.

iBuddhist Blesses Our Patronshttp://bit.ly/2s9RZip

From listener Sarah!

At an ancient Chinese temple, Xian’er can chant mantras and answer questions about his faith via a touch-screen display! Which is just as weird as the Jesus bot from last weeks episode. Find out how it went for the Buddhists at Patreon.com/W4W!

Next Week’s Beer

Daura Märzen | Damm S. A. of Spain

  1. Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2s9NbJW
  2. BA Score: 81
  3. ABV: 7.2%
  4. Style: Märzen / Oktoberfest

Faith In Humanity Restored

Wonder Woman Smashes Box Office with biggest female director Ever! -http://bit.ly/2s9Z4jj

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