Episode 154 – The One Where We Record From Platform 9¾!

In This Week’s Show, episode 154, Jenn is gone but we did all the stories so we aren’t technically forgetting her.

Chapter Markers

  • 0:00:30 – Intro – Here’s Your Shea-Shilling!
  • 0:02:55 – This Week’s Beer – Feisty Blonde Honey Vanilla Blonde
  • 0:09:56 – Everyone’s New Fav Show, “Shit!”
  • 0:10:59 – Roundtable
  • 0:24:13 – HL1 – Damn Illegal Aliens
  • 0:30:05 – HL2 – The War On Men!
  • 0:34:58 – HL3 – Where are they now? Bigot Edition
  • 0:42:48 – Bullshit Museum
  • 0:51:43 – Next Week’s Beer – True Blonde Ale
  • 0:54:28 – Faith In Humanity Restored
  • 0:58:45 – Outro – Thanks 4 Listening!
  • 0:59:25 – Outtakes … We Got Feistah!

In This Week’s Show, episode 154, Jenn is gone but we did all the stories so we aren’t technically forgetting her.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Chinnamasta, Hindu goddess from the esoteric tradition of Tantra, hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that those little sex houses, you know the ones with the hole for your dick that people hang on trees all the time, well I learned they’re actually for birds.

Steve’s Lesson

Chinnamasta is one of 10 goddesses from the tradition of Tantra and is nude and self-decapitated, usually standing or seated on a divine copulating couple while holding her own severed head in one hand, a scimitar in the other with three jets of blood spurting from her neck into the mouths of two attendants and the severed head. Oh, My.

The Lesson Jenn Would Have Chosen…

She’s a goddess of contradictions, symbolizing both a life-giver and life-taker, sexual self-control and the embodiment of sexual energy. The legends of Chhinnamasta emphasizes her self-sacrifice – sometimes coupled with a maternal element – sexual dominance, and self-destructive fury.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Feisty Blonde Honey Vanilla Blonde – HopFusion Ale Works

  • Thanks, Elizabet!
  • BA Link: n/a
  • BA Rating: http://bit.ly/2yeBgMK
  • ABV: 8.27%
  • Style: Blonde Ale
  • Aaron: 8
  • Shea: 3
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

An Announcement!

Hi all, future-Aaron here,

Before we get into the body of this week’s show I wanted to add a post-recording update regarding our show’s hosting. We were notified again this week by a few kind listeners that our show — as well as a few others like True Crime Garage, Thin Air Podcast and Court Junkie just to name a few — have again had a problem with bulk downloads of old shows. The error appears to be random and the only commonality we can find is our hosting.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble and frustration.

Please know that this is not something we’re doing on purpose, or indeed, have had any control over. The fact is, we’re quite frustrated ourselves! So much so, that we set out to change hosts. That change should be, with the airing of this episode, complete. Unfortunately, it wasn’t completed in time to avoid this most recent wave of erroneous downloads.

Going forward we’re hosting our own feed with media hosting provided by a podcast specific file host, which we hope will prevent future errors of this sort.

While it isn’t true for everyone, we have found that the majority of people affected by glitches like this are using Apple’s Podcast App.  We humbly suggest taking a look at Overcast. While Overcast, like all podcast players, is susceptible to this error, we have found it to be less so than the default Apple player. It’s available in the Apple App Store or at Overcast.fm. Overcast also displays chapter markers and unique show artwork, so in addition to being a more stable player, it might also improve your listening experience. Overcast is free to use but does have an In-App subscription to remove a minor ad. We are in no way affiliated with Overcast, we just really like it.

For those who let us know kindly, thank you!

We hope you can look past these frustrating events and continue to enjoy future episodes. Thank you for listening! Now, sit back and enjoy the show!

Round Table Discussion



  1. From Reb’Ox! – Happy birthday David!
  2. A little Later from David
  3. A drunk dial from… someone …
  4. The second voicemailing…


@GuitarKevin_ drank the beers so we don’t have to … wait… this blonde’s for you!

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Damned Illegal Aliens! – http://bit.ly/2yzYLP7

  • The Miami Herald reports that Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a 59-year-old Republican who’s running for the seat currently held by retiring Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), claims that she has had encounters with extraterrestrials who have communicated with her telepathically since the age of seven.
  • During a 2009 interview, Rodriguez Aguilera described being brought aboard a spaceship and having conversations with aliens who let her in on key secrets about their visits to Earth.
  • “I went in,” she explained. “There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship — not like airplanes.”
  • Among other things, she says the aliens informed her that there is a cave in the island of Malta that contains 30,000 skulls that are “different from humans”; that the world’s “energy center” is located somewhere in Africa; and that the limestone Coral Castle tourist attraction in Florida is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

The War On Men! – http://bit.ly/2x9sw7M

  • Fox News radio host Todd Starnes told listeners at the Values Voter Summit (VVS) that mainstream media discussions about “toxic masculinity” are parts of a “war on men” that aims to “criminalize masculinity.”
  • In his address to VVS, which is hosted by the anti-LGBT Religious Right group Family Research Council, Starnes complained about the Boy Scouts of America’s recent decision to allow young women to participate in the organization.
  • “It’s not just a war on boys. It’s a war on men. And there are those in this country that want to feminize men. They want to criminalize masculinity,” Starnes said.

HL3 – Where are they now? Bigot Edition – http://bit.ly/2zmBqQ3

  • Four-times married adulterer Kim Davis is once again teaming up with the Liberty Counsel, who laughably claimed in 2015 that 100,000 Peruvians had gathered in a Lima soccer stadium to pray while she was jailed for defying the Supreme Court.
  • The Lexington Herald-Leader reports:
  • Kim Davis, who shot to international prominence for refusing to sign same-sex marriage licenses as Rowan County Clerk, is on a nine-day trip to Romania to encourage adoption of a law against gay marriage.
  • Davis is in Romania with Harry Mihet, Liberty Counsel’s vice president of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel. A news release from the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel said that more than three million Romanian citizens have signed a petition asking for the nationwide referendum defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The nation’s population is about 20 million.
  • The petition has been unanimously approved by Romania’s Constitutional Court and is awaiting final approval in its Senate before a public vote can occur, according to Liberty Counsel. Davis and Mihet are holding conferences in Romania’s largest cities, according to the release. The two have already met with two Archbishops of the Orthodox Church.

This Week’s Stories

Bullshit Museum – http://bit.ly/2ztIACR

  • Billionaire president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, has sunk a half-Billion (that’s a big B) dollars into this project
  • Fucking thing is 430,000 square feet (about 4 super Walmarts) and is located just two block south of the National Mall in Washington DC.
  • Set to open on Nov. 17, the place bills itself as a non-partisan, non-sectarian and educational facility for people of all faiths or no faith.
  • In the beginning though (hehe), its declared mission was, “to bring to life the living word of God, to tell its compelling story of preservation, and to inspire confidence in the absolute authority and reliability of the Bible”
  • That was changed in 2013 to, “We exist to invite all people to engage with the Bible. We invite Biblical exploration through museum exhibits and scholarly pursuits.”
  • There have some issues in the process of getting the vast collection of biblical texts and artifacts in place. In July, Hobby Lobby agreed to pay a $3Mil. fine and to forfeit thousands of smuggled ancient Iraqi artifacts that were reportedly destined for the museum including up to 300 small clay tablets, bearing inscriptions in the cuneiform script.
  • While we should withhold judgement on the content of the place until it’s opened and available to the public (for free, by the way, although a $15 donation is recommended), we also need to keep in mind that Green believes the bible as historical fact and Hobby Lobby calls itself a “biblically founded business” which fought in court to prevent having to provide contraceptives to its employees.

Cryptic Christ Cash!http://bit.ly/2ze71TU

From the faith peddlers who brought you ATM-style donation trays and terrible soul-saving crisps comes the next step in spiritual virtualization! The Crypto-Christ-Coin.

Nope. That’s not a typo.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about buying, selling, and understanding your very own digital deity dollars on Patreon.com/W4W!

Patreon Witchcraft!

“Christian Hogwarts” academy teach kids “good” magic – http://bit.ly/2zeITAL

  • The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, in Redding, has drawn students from all over the world.
  • It promises to teach students how to spot a “true prophet” as well as how to perform miracles

Find out how that all went right now at Patreon.com/W4W!

Next Week’s Beer

True Blonde Ale – Ska Brewing

Thanks, Tim & Keith, you guys are amazing!

  • BA Link:http://bit.ly/2wUS9IJ
  • BA Rating: 21.5%
  • RateBeer: overall 22/50, scoring 29/50 for the style. For a weighted average of 2.83/5
  • RateBeer Link: http://bit.ly/2zf2Gj9
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • Style: American Blonde Ale

Faith In Humanity Restored

The Real-Life Hogwarts Express Just Rescued a Family Stranded in Scotland – http://ti.me/2yzG2D1

Bonus Cat Video

  • Eminem rips Trump: https://t.co/zoS0wEwjQF
  • Marvel’s The Punisher | Official Trailer 2 – http://bit.ly/2yC0PGm
  • DENALI 4K on Vimeo – http://bit.ly/2x9f9ob
  • Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – https://youtu.be/xjDjIWPwcPU
  • The Threat of Objects Lost in Space – https://youtu.be/hWhQ0HoOEV0
  • The New Mutants – https://youtu.be/bu9e410C__I
  • TOMB RAIDER Extra Footage Trailer (2018) Alicia Vikander Action Movie HD – http://bit.ly/2zmEJGX