Episode 156 – The One Where We Don’t Know Who Not To Vote For

In This Week’s Show, episode 156, we use our magic hands to sick k9ifnated dogs on Malawi vampires!

In This Week’s Show, episode 156, we use our magic hands to sick k9ifnated dogs on Malawi vampires!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Brahma (the Hindu creator god) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that my bank statement is basically a food diary

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know that the god Brahma created a female companion, Saraswati, out of his own substance (rib? skin flake?), who acted as his wife and daughter. He gave birth to humanity through her.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Barrel Series Anniversary Imperial Stout – Wonderland

Thanks, Wonderland Brewing

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2xDHpBW
  • BA Rating: 86.7%
  • ABV: 10.3%
  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Aaron: 6
  • Jenn: 5
  • Shea: 8
  • Steve: 3

“Start with your pinky” shirt

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

New patron Lynette! Blanc?

Followup: Kentucky taxpayers on the hook for Kim Davis’ legal expenses – http://bit.ly/2gSgL2J

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Welcome to another blasphemous episode of Waiting for Wrath;

where we rip apart the headlines;

where making a point is beside the point;

where we ridicule the stupid in our world, so it doesn’t drive us insane.

We’re not experts and we make no apologies for our opinions — so — let’s have a discussion, revel in the digression and, some god forbid, have a laugh or two.

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‘Magic Man’ is killed trying to ‘cleanse his body and soul’



  • A self-professed ‘magic man’ has died after accidentally steaming himself to death in a wok while trying to ‘cleanse body and soul’. Lim Ba, also known as Black Dog, could be seen sitting in lotus position in a giant metal pan at a Chinese temple in Suala Sanglang, a small coastal village in northern Malaysia.
  • A lid was placed over the 68-year-old in preparation for the steaming and he clasped his hands in prayer before a fire was lit under the wok.
  • But after 30 minutes the performance went horribly wrong and devotees could hear Lim knocking frantically from inside.
  • The country’s The Star newspaper reported Lim’s youngest son, Kang Huai, 32, as saying that his father had been performing human steaming for more than 10 years, despite his family’s concerns.
  • Kang Huai said that during the steaming sessions, rice, sweet corn and vegetarian buns would be placed inside the wok and they would also be steamed.
  • The lid was raised – and Lim was found unconscious, steam billowing out around him. He was pronounced dead from major second-degree burns and a heart attack
  • The dead man’s daughter, Wei Ling 37, said that earlier on that fateful day her father had eaten only sweet potato and green bean biscuits. ‘But he was his normal self and took pictures with his devotees.’ Her father’s record inside the steam cover, she said, had been 75 minutes.

Dog Coffee


  • A new product hit Kickstarter this week, a coffee for dogs it’s apparently made of roots and other stuff but it’s like coffee in that it looks kind of brownish… this new product claims to be able to make your dog healthier and lengthen their life! Wow!
  • Wild nordic bio hack for dog’s morning routine. Free from toxins, pesticides, herbicides, mold and other nasties.
  • Now the main story isn’t that there is now a coffee for dogs, it’s the name of the new product… the name is derived from the main ingredients in the coffee, roots, and the word coffee….
  • Rooffee…
  • now, this hasn’t been tested or even used yet so we can’t say with certainty that the combination of dandelion root, burdock root, carrot seed, hawthorn seed, and chicory root will, in fact, help your dog. But we can say with certainty that you shouldn’t be rooffeeing your dog…

Judge Says ‘Overweight’ Teenage Sexual Assault Victim Was Probably ‘Flattered’ by the Attention From Her Assailant


  • Carlo Figaro—a 49-year-old cabdriver—was found guilty in May of forcibly kissing and licking the face of a 17-year-old passenger, as well as touching her breasts and genitals over her clothes
  • During Figaro’s trial, presiding Judge Jean-Paul Braun described the nonconsensual kiss as “an acceptable gesture” and said, “It can be said that she is a little overweight, but she has a pretty face, huh?”
  • A judge in Quebec presiding over a sexual assault trial referred to the victim as being “overweight” and suggested that she may have been “flattered” by her attacker’s attention.
  • Braun further argued that there are degrees of consent, saying that getting consent for a kiss is different from getting consent to touch someone on the behind. He questioned which actions would have required Figaro to get consent,
  • Figaro has not yet been sentenced and is currently appealing his conviction. He will appear in court again in November.
  • As for Braun, Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee told reporters Wednesday morning that Braun’s comments were “unacceptable” and said she planned to file a complaint with Quebec’s magistrate’s council.

This Week’s Stories


The Vampires of Malawihttp://bit.ly/2gTwf6K

  • A vampire scare in Malawi has at least eight dead and the United Nations evacuating some of its staff

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Second Half

Two Senate candidates for the same seat have been busted for possibly being or not being married to each other, and that is the least weird thing about them.

Billings Gazette

I moved to lovely Laramie from Montana, and senator who I voted for several times, Jon Tester, is retiring. (This is really too bad bc everything is fucking insane now. In case you forget, Montana is the state who elected a representative the day after he body slammed a journalist.) So a couple is running, on opposite tickets, to fill his seat.

“James Dean” says he is running for the Republican nomination…
“Sarah Dean” says she is running for the Democratic Party nomination. The two claim to be married. But neither seem to be who they say they are. Billings Gazette reporter Tom Lutey has uncovered this story, and it is WEIRD.

James the Republican financial adviser and Sarah the Democratic fashion designer this month set out to race through the primaries and meet on the ballot next November. The couple claimed to local news to be first-time candidates.

Well no. Nope.

‘The Deans aren’t who they said they are, at least not exactly. William James Dean is no newcomer. In the last election cycle Dean, who currently goes by James, filed to run for president in California under a different name, Daniel Lane Dean, the name that appeared on his Air Force Academy diploma, and his Hawaiian state bar exam, and a divorce record that shows him being served dissolution papers while working for the Judge Advocate General Corps at Guantanamo Bay.

Sarah Dean has used no fewer than four names, each affiliated with an online business, or a Christian ministry, a collection of children’s books, or a crowd-funded charity.”

Mr. Lutey traveled 250 miles to interview the candidates in person. Neither one would confirm when, or even IF, they were actually married. This pinged Lutey’s journalistic radar, so he dug further into their backstory. Ok, hold onto your butts:

For instance, Sarah Dean claims, “her famous music producer father, who Sarah won’t name, relocated his wife and eight children from Chicago to Montana, where he intended to set up a child labor camp. Sarah told The Gazette she escaped from the camp at age 25.”

“He wanted us to grow up in a ‘Little House on The Prairie’ lifestyle, but he also had us to be his slaves. He wanted to build an empire because there were eight of us kids,” Sarah Dean claimed.

Sarah was unable to provide contact information for her siblings or say exactly where the family was holed up in Montana. Two hours north of Billings is as close as Sarah could come to nailing down the location of her family encampment.

Following links and websites and phone numbers, Lutey pieced the story together.

“It was William James Dean’s telephone number that tied him to an online professional biography, where he cited his law education at University of Hawaii at Manoa. But Dean’s law school accomplishments are credited to Daniel Lane Dean, a name the candidate acknowledged is his,” Lutey explained. The candidate told The Billings Gazette he changed his name for religious reasons, but he was cut off by Sarah Dean, who grabbed his arm.

“I just didn’t like it, I didn’t like his name because they called him Dan and I just didn’t see him as a Dan,” Sarah Dean argued.

Daniel Lane Dean, according to Air Force records, was a student at the Air Force Academy. His yearbook lists the slender-framed Dean’s cadet nickname as “beefcake.” His hometown is listed as Vancouver, Washington. Dean received a medical retirement in 2013, according to the Air Force.

So Sarah. Holy shit: Sarah Dean described herself as a Chicagoan, an entrepreneur from the age of 15, whose family arrived in Havre in 1999 in search of a rustic, butter-churn existence.

“During the financial crisis in 2008, she used the remaining curtains in her house along with the scrap fabric to start a fashion business,” her campaign website bio reads. She claimed to have been written up in Vogue and Glamour magazines as a trendsetter. The dress from drapes anecdote resembles Scarlett O’Hara’s ball gown scene in “Gone With The Wind.”

Parts of her story turn up on the website of Priscilla Dawn, a seamstress name that Dean uses to market dresses online.

She’s also penned and illustrated children’s books as Priscilla Baer. Titles “Saul the Salamander,” and “That Dog Named Sherry” are listed on Amazon.

And while we want you to use our Amazon Affiliate Link, we’re not gonna link these. You should buy better stuff… like our shirts!

Another Dean website, Bride of Christ Collection, sells wedding dresses by Pastor Victoria Dawn, the contact number for the business is the same phone number Dean supplied to the Federal Election Commission on her Senate campaign’s statement of organization.

Sarah Dean said she uses alternative names for business purposes, but on Gofundme.com, where Dean presents herself as a San Francisco women’s ministry pastor in need of $3,500 for “going to India to feed the Widows,” Priscilla Dawn has donated $135 and offered Sarah a message. “Thank you for a servant’s heart. Happy to give and spread the love.”

Other business personalities also interact. For $244, Bride of Christ customer gets prophetic messages and prayer, a deep healing session, a jeweled crown and, among other things, a presentation of the customer’s business to funders at www.bridgeinstitution.com, which is presented as “an institution that funds small businesses.”

William and Sarah are listed on the “Church of the Bridge” page of Bridge Institution as “coaches in divine destiny and aligning your life, business, or job to God’s plan for your life.” The institution’s services run the gamut, from helping heroin-addicted military veterans, to large-scale engineering projects.

The contact number for the Bridge Institution is the same number James Dean provided the FEC in his campaign filings.

Next Week’s Beer

Airing: November 10th, 2017

Vanilla Java Porter – Atwater Brewery

From Heebie Jebus

  • RB Link: http://bit.ly/2xFyFZD
  • RB Rating: 31 Overall, 39 in-style
  • Untappd: http://bit.ly/2gS3GTz
  • Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable
  • ABV: 4.5%

Faith In Humanity Restored

For decades, the blind have used canes to get around. Now a special wristband gives them a ‘sixth sense.’ – http://bit.ly/2gSxkaV

  • a wristband called Sunu that emits a high-frequency sound wave that bounces off objects as far as 14 feet in front of him before registering as a gentle, pulsing vibration on his arm.
  • “One of my friends calls the device his ‘sixth sense,’ ” Albertorio said, noting that people with vision loss are sometimes afraid of going outside. “It enhances my awareness of my personal space and keeps me safe when I’m out in my neighborhood.”
  • For the visually impaired, smartphone apps can help them hail a ride, link to real-time maps and get to the nearest convenience stores. But avoiding a tree branch obstructing a sidewalk after a storm or walking through a busy, rush-hour crowd, not to mention finding an office in an unfamiliar building or locating the closest restaurant in a new neighborhood. There is no app for that.
  • It was those challenges — the kind that can fill an ordinary day with physical hazards and extreme complication — that led Albertorio to develop Sunu.
  • “This is a way of getting people outside and doing things while being discreet,” he added. “Folks want to be able to go outside, be active, blend in and be part of their community.”
  • The National Federation of the Blind estimates that there are more than 7 million people living with visual disability in the United States. Some experts expect that number to increase sharply in the coming decades as baby boomers reach old age and are afflicted by glaucoma and other eye diseases.
  • “If you’re walking down the sidewalk and you’re anticipating a corner, it’s hard to beat a guide dog that knows you and can help you travel long distances,” he said. “But if you drop your wallet on the floor, you might prefer using Sunu over using a cane, which might be a clunkier solution for finding a small object.”

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