Episode 157 – The One Where Feel The Wrath of Cthumanhuahua!

In This Week’s Show, episode 157, we flashback to yester… month… for the Texas vs. Kenya: Lost Time Challenge!


  • 0:00:30 – Intro
  • 0:02:50 – This Week’s Beer – Vanilla Java Porter
  • 0:09:37 – Round Table
  • 0:17:06 – HL1 – A Rainbowlific Pride
  • 0:23:36 – HL2 – Only More Guns Stop Bad Guns
  • 0:31:28 – HL3 – Canadian Gov. General of Sit Your Ass Down
  • 0:37:16 – Jenn’s Second Half
  • 0:53:48 – Next Week’s Beer – Shiner Ruby Redbird
  • 0:55:37 – Faith In Humanity Restored
  • 0:56:59 – Outro
  • 0:57:39 – Outtakes

In This Week’s Show, episode 157, we flashback to yester… month… for the Texas vs. Kenya: Lost Time Challenge!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while your own personal Nksis eN-key-sis (Santerian elemental spirit) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying its patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

Nothing makes you feel like a bigger alcoholic than taking out the recycling.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know that Palo Monte and Mayombe are earth-centered and element-centered religions that recognize a Supreme Being? Palo in Spanish means ‘stick’ or ‘wood’, and Palo is said to connect the healing properties of woods, trees, and plants. Ideally, it connects one to the reverence for trees and plants.

Yes, we did make a “santeria” vs. “sangria” joke.
I do actually know the difference.
It was a joke.
That’s what we do here.
~ A

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Vanilla Java Porter – Atwater Brewery

From Heebie Jebus

  • RB Link: http://bit.ly/2xFyFZD
  • RB Rating: 31 Overall, 39 in-style
  • Untappd: http://bit.ly/2gS3GTz
  • Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable
  • ABV: 5%
  • 13 IBUs
  • Aaron: 8
  • Jenn: 6
  • Shea: 3
  • Steve: 8


This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

New Patron, Candace!

We got a package!


Great Show by 124mm10
Rating: ★★★★★

This show combines four wonderful hosts with beer and skepticism, and despite the fact that I myself don’€™t drink, still manages to be one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I spend every week waiting for Friday so that I can listen to the new episode. Also, Shea is most definitely my spirit animal.

Beer! by sillyguru on Nov 04, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

Get buzzed and talk about religion and not-religion. What could be better?

Thanks to Morton on Twitter for helping us to create and put a face on a new god, Cthumanhuahua, patron of god of evil scientific progress.


HL1 – A Rainbowlific Pride

Kenya Can’t Cotton To Crazy Copulating Cats – http://bit.ly/2hXTSrR

  • Wildlife photographer, Paul Goldstein, captured photos of two male lions making whoopie, describing the event, “This however was astonishing. When lions mate it normally lasts a few seconds, these two were at it for a minute and obvious affection afterwards was very evident, as opposed to the violent withdrawal when male and female mate.”
  • Of course, Twitter had a ton of fun with it.
  • Then, Kenyan Ezekiel Mutua, self-appointed moral cop, and chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board had to have his say.

HL2 – Only More Guns Stop Bad Guns

Texas Attorney General Is A Fucking Idiot – http://bit.ly/2hY4kj7

  • Give me some possible solutions to mass shootings in the US.
    • (fewer guns, better education, training, better vetting of ownership, etc.)
  • Now tell me what Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, thinks is a good idea. I’ll give you a hint, it’s none of the things that make sense.
  • He said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday night, just hours after the event, “The only thing I know, because you can’t necessarily keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to violate the law.”
  • “All I can say is that in Texas at least we have the opportunity to have concealed carry. And so if it’s a place where somebody has the ability to carry, there’s always the opportunity that the gunman will be taken out before he has the opportunity to kill very many people.”
  • When the host pressed regarding the opposing ideas of “praying to the lord” and carrying a gun, the moron doubled down, with the tired trope of a good guy with a gun to fight a bad guy with a gun.
  • This fucker is an NRA slag so fuck him.

HL3 – Canadian Gov. General of Sit Your Ass Downhttp://bit.ly/2jfJOxT

  • Julie Payette was appointed to the mostly ceremonial position last month and gave a speech last week that immediately raised the eyebrows of dummies.
  • Payette is no typical Canadian. She’s a computer engineer, pilot, astronaut (spent over three weeks on the ISS), and businesswoman.
  • In her speech to the Canadian Science Policy Convention, she mocked astrology, Creationists, and climate change deniers (so she’s awesome in my book), saying in part:
    • “We are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process,”
    • “Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we’re still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period?”
  • So, basically, when CBC News’, Aaron Wherry, is questioning her objectivity even when the other side is wrong, I say fuck him and his twisted view of objectivity. It was a speech to a fucking science convention for the love of Pete
  • Just for the record, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “proud” of Payette’s speech. According to CTV News, Trudeau applauded her “defending science as part of the foundation of a successful society.”

This Week’s Stories


Dos German Patron Pope’n!

Catholic Church Makes A Fortune In The German Porn Business – http://bit.ly/2Ae5fCV

“Weltbild,” Germany’s largest media company, sells books, DVDs, music and more — and also happens to belong 100% to the Catholic Church.

Also, they sell porn.

A Church spokesman responded: “Weltbild tries to prevent the distribution of possibly pornographic content.”

The Augsburg-based company employs 6,400 people, has an annual turnover of 1.7 billion euros, and an online business in Germany second only to Amazon.

Weltbild is also Germany’s leading bookseller, controlling 20% of the domestic bookstore market. Profits are regularly reinvested in the company with an eye to rapidly increase the market share – an increase that is only possible if Weltbild continues to sell materials that are not compatible with the teachings of the Church.

The 2,500 erotic books in their online catalog, including those from Blue Panther Books, an erotic book publisher owned by Weltbild, are only one example.

Their titles include:

  • “Anwaltshure” (Lawyer’s Whore),
  • “Vögelbar” (F—kable)
  • “Schlampen-Internat” (Sluts’ Boarding School).

The Church also owns a 50% share in publishing company Droemer Knaur which produces pornographic books, and so indirectly is also a publisher of pornographic material, titles including:

  • “Nimm mich hier und nimm mich jetzt!” (Take Me Here, Take Me Now!)
  • and “Sag Luder zu mir!” (Call Me Slut!).

And to our German listeners, go ahead and leave those corrective voicemails at (513) 760–0463!
~ A

Jenn’s Story

Because the world of real news is terrible and full of misery, I’m going back to Halloween and the Christian Broadcasting Network’s website for this week’s story. So be aware, click the link at your own intellectual peril.


A Former Satanist Explains Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween:

CBN held a Facebook poll that showed only 13% of believers feel that Christians should/can celebrate Halloween. (They have 811K followers on FB, I tried to scroll far enough to find the poll, but my brain started to bleed, so I’m not sure of the participation numbers.) So there’s not a clear consensus, but for the most part Fundies are lame on this, too.

But for the poor misled 13%, here enters John Ramirez. He is a former Satanist and is making the talk show rounds, ala 1989 Sally Jesse Raphael at the height of the Satanic Panic. He showed up on Prayer Link to spread the terrifying news with CBN viewers.

“I was a general to the kingdom of darkness in witchcraft,” Ramirez said. “I would sit with the Devil and talk to him like I’m talking to you today. It was that kind of communication. It was that kind of relationship.”

From his website’s highly credible sounding biography:

John Ramirez tells his true life story of how he was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high ranking priest in New York City—casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire regions. Raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood, he grew up despising his father for his careless disregard of his family. John learned to survive the cold, harsh streets of the South Bronx. Looking for love and validation, he eventually found it in a new “family” of witches and warlocks who groomed him to become a high priest in their occult religion. His plunge into the dark side reached a boiling point on the night he sold his soul to the devil in a diabolical, blood-soaked ritual. With renewed fervor—and the mark of the beast now cut into his right arm—he actively recruited souls into this “unholy kingdom,” haunting the bars and clubs of NYC by night to find his next victims. John’s life continued on this dark path until God intervened through a miraculous, larger-than-life dream, revealing Himself for who He really is and literally snatching John back from the grips of hell.

(Side note: Were I in such a ‘coffee talk’ style of relationship with Satan, I would find some way to get the Amazing Randi’s $1 million.)

Ramirez warns Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy – there’s a much darker reality.

“Sometimes people say, ‘I celebrated Halloween 10 years ago, I did this 15 years ago, I did this 20 years ago.’ But the door’s still open. You just cursed your family from three to four generations.”

Well, shit. That Fall festival may have felt like fun when you were 8, but now you’re Great-great-great nephew and his family will be cursed. what are you to do? I mean, since you are happy with the Trump Administration and don’t believe in Global Warming, you obviously believe society is still going to continue. Well, John has the answer:

“You have to be aware it’s a curse. You have to go back to the place where you started, that year that you started that Halloween thing, the celebration, when you started having that encounter with the dark side. You have to go back to that same spot and renounce and renounce it in the name of Jesus Christ and ask God to forgive you for that so that God can have mercy and close that door so your whole family can move forward.”

Just when you thought you had escaped your high school gym, the devil comes back for you….

So let’s hear from Mr. John Ramirez as he explains the evil ‘ASSES’ that the river demon goddess uses ‘punkins’ for. Or something. And satan is still present in the popping of his ‘Ps’. – Don’t watch this video: http://bit.ly/2hY4kzD

Now this man has 3 published books, (Armed & Dangerous, Out of the Calderon, & Unmasking the Devil) with HUNDREDS of positive reviews on Amazon. And he thinks Santoria is linked to anything involving pumpkins. AND LOOK AT THAT FUCKING COVER!!!!

Next Week’s Beer

Airing: November 17th, 2017

Shiner Ruby Redbird – Spoetzl Brewery

From RW

Image result for Shiner Ruby Redbird - Spoetzl Brewery

  • RB Link: http://bit.ly/2AdKBn5
  • RB Rating: 15 overall, 19 in-style
  • Untappd: http://bit.ly/2AdKBDB
  • Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable
  • ABV: 4.2

Faith In Humanity Restored

Atheist Group Donates $10,000 to Help Rohingya Refugees Escape Persecution – http://bit.ly/2hMmLHi

  • Back in August, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, through its charity Nonbelief Relief, donated $10,000 to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. That was followed by an additional $98,000 donation in September for victims of Hurricanes Irma (in Florida) and Maria (in Puerto Rico).
  • They’re now making another round of contributions, the result of an influx of donations from members who saw what they were doing and wanted to chip in.
  • There’s $10,000 going to Americares to help with Puerto Rican relief efforts.
  • There’s $2,500 — originally rejected (for what I’d say were legitimate reasons) by a Florida charity — going to the Atheists of Puerto Rico for their work assisting Hurricane Maria victims.
  • There’s $5,000 for an unnamed Bangladeshi atheist whose escaped the persecution back home and currently resides in Nepal with his family. (His story will be featured in FFRF’s December edition of Freethought Today.)
  • And there’s $10,000 to Doctors Without Borders to help relocate the Rohingya, the Muslim sect from Myanmar attempting to escape unimaginable religious persecution.

Bonus Cat Video

  • Let this short animated film teach you about the clitoris – http://bit.ly/2hY4mrf
  • The Grasshopper In The Van Gogh – http://n.pr/2zsyqFi
  • Lil BUB vs. Lil BUBBLES – https://youtu.be/hIbZ6C86NrU
  • The Japanese way to annoy cats – https://youtu.be/WBJzwpX_luA
  • Homemade Ramen – https://youtu.be/9WXIrnWsaCo
  • How to Cure Aging – https://youtu.be/MjdpR-TY6QU

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