Episode 228 – The One Where We Drag Out Our Inner Irish Queens!

In This Week’s Show, episode 228, it’s time to bone up on our Irish folklore and see if we can drive all the tube-snakes out of Colorado’s new favorite beer.

In This Week’s Show, episode 228, it’s time to bone up on our Irish folklore and see if we can drive all the tube-snakes out of Colorado’s new favorite beer.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while whatever struck Jenn down hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying its patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that many medical scientists are on the autism spectrum, therefore autism causes vaccines.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

She’s dead Jim…must be the Irish potato famine!

Jim’s Good Gay News

When Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and his partner Matthew Barrett (yes, they’re gay!) were in Washington this week on a diplomatic visit to the US, they had breakfast at Vice President Mike Pence’s residence in honor of St Patrick’s Day. Varadkar threw some shade at Pence by saying “I stand here as the leader of my country. Flawed and human, but judged by my political actions, not by my sexual orientation, my skin tone, gender, or religious beliefs.” He added, “We are, after all, all God’s children.” Karen “Mother” Pence was out of the country, but don’t worry. Pence’s sister Anne was there to make sure Pence didn’t accidentally sleep with the gays either because apparently, zealots can’t control their sexual urges when eating without a chaperone present. http://bit.ly/2YeNgJe

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.- Tropic Wonder (Mango and habanero)

Donated by Brenden

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2u6olcP
  • BA Rating: 3.41/5
  • Style: American Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 4.00
  • Aaron: Oh feck meh! (7)
  • Jim: No fucking way (4)
  • Shea: 10
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

New patrons – Dylan and Swytchie (switchie)

Also, it’s St. Paddy’s Day! We’re drinking green beer and Guinness… which is also a beer I guess, but solidly ungreenable.

Also, Jim’s here with a special announcement for Drag Queen Bingo! They’re doing VIP tables this year and because we’re fancy bitches, we’re getting one… but they’re 10-tops and we don’t have that many +1’s, so we’re giving away a handful of tickets!

If you’re 100% sure you can make it to Laramie Wyoming’s Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom on April 27th, call in at 513-760-0463 and leave us your best 30 seconds to 1-minute plug for Wyoming AIDS Assistance! We’ll give the best X entrants free tickets, beer, and use your promos on our show and any others to raise money! Super win-win!

Headlines Hotshots

90 Minute Quicky!

C-net and a few other places are reporting on the newest trend from GoPro… or someone who wishes. they were GoPro.

I suppose, looking to create the ultimate selfie-stick, UK company Julz has created the “cock cam” a cock-ring complete with a dangling 1080P, night vision enabled, camera that for the low price of $160 will: capture your climax” in the grossest possible way…

The company makes no qualms about the fact that it’s a cock-camera-ring say “yes, it’s a cock-camera ring.” To demo the technology they got a dildo stuck to a base jumper’s head and had him jump off a clip. Because that’s kinda like how sex works. I’m sure to put your worries to ease when I say that the camera is standards compliant, recording H,264 in MP4 at 1080P for up to 90 minutes… because the good folks at Julz have high expectations of you. “When filming for long periods of time the camera runs warm,” Julz cautions. “The product is safe to use. If the Cock Cam becomes uncomfortable please stop using and contact our team.” Which is a great way of saying “batteries heat up and we’d really like you to not blow your dick off.” The camera is also WiFi compatible and can be set to directly stream to any number of services… because under-cock is the new infinity shot!


Why Would You Drink That?


Following in the footsteps of the shitty, whale-killing, testicle-brewers at Stedji, in Borgafjordur, Iceland, Wynkoop Brewing Co. in Denver Colorado is making a limited run of their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Because fuck you.

Apparently, it started as an April fools joke, but the beer developed a fan base so it’s back for a limited release. The 7.2 ABV stout boasts roasted barley, seven specialty grains, “Steerian” golden hops, and giant, meaty, bull testicles which are said to impart a unique “meat” flavor that so many beers are lacking. Each batch uses 15 to 18-pounds o testicle, so they’re definitely not skimping you. You’re welcome, I guess? Beer advocate gives it a 3.64 out of 5, one review reads “The head is brown with not much retention. There is a very light scattered lacing. The smell of the beer Is roasted slightly sweet smelling with spicy dark fruit essence. The taste of the beer has a good amount of malt, chocolate, and a subtle saltiness.” The review goes on to compare it to Russian Imperials with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, concluding “Overall I can’t say that I can taste the testicles.”

Just a reminder that, if you send us beer, we will eventually drink it on the show. And what better way to finally put some balls in Shea’s mouth than by sending us a pint.


Of course, no one should gargle balls alone, right Jim?

So sign up for the Beer Club at patreon.com/w4w where members get longer shows that at this point amount to hundreds of hours of bonus content, and access to our free-to-patrons, live, second show 4 More Beers, which we will be recording right after this … sadly, it won’t be that ballsy of an episode. Beer Club Members get to have their reviews read on-air, so we can all help the internet develop a well-rounded sense of show dipping cow testicles in beer goes. Bets of all, you help me justify this long-winded plug by ensuring that we can support great causes like WyoAIDS, which, will be having the Drag Queen Bingos on April 27th, so you should come and have a nut-free drink with us!

What’s A Hand Worth?

Are you a clumsy oaf? Are you prone to terrible accidents? How about cutting your hand off with a circular saw? No?

A 21-year-old Slovenian woman was rushed to the Ljubljana University Medical Center missing her left hand. Completely missed it, in that they didn’t even take the severed limb to the hospital. She said that she’d been sawing branches from a tree when the saw slipped and cut off her hand. Doctors at the hospital are by law required to contact the police in these types of situations who were able to retrieve the hand which was sewed back on and is recovering. This is all kind of interesting on its own, but the catch is that apparently the unemployed woman, along with the assistance of a relative, cut the handoff intentionally and staged it as an accident. In the months prior to the “accident” she’d taken out multiple insurance policies and was angling to receive a $430,000 payout and monthly payments of about $3400 for 10 years and then lesser payments after that. Well, she’s actually received no money and is being detained by police. Let’s give her a hand for the effort!


Say The Rule. Say It!

That’s right, you never need more nazi!

Seriously, it will never make you sound smart to quote Mein Kampf. Congrats, you read some … not even really difficult material, more, controversial material. You’re not smart, stop it.

Unfortunately VW no one told their CEO that. At a company event this week Herbert Diess used the phrase “Arbeit macht frei” which translates to “work sets you free” which, if that rings a bell, is because it’s the rod-iron text over the gates of Auschwitz. Seriously, just don’t. In his “oops I quoted some fucking Nazis” apology, which shouldn’t be a category of apology but somehow is, he said it “was definitely an unfortunate choice of words”. To which, I would say, no. An unfortunate choice of words is meaning to order a tossed salad, but accidentally asking your waiter to toss your salad. Breaking out a full Nazi slogan takes forethought. “At no time was it my intention for this statement to be placed in a false context. At the time, I simply did not think of this possibility” he said as if there were a context in which this would be ok or, conversely, one in which there’s a possibility it wouldn’t make him sound like a giant piece of shit.

Especially when you consider VW made all of Hitler’s cars, which he acknowledged was a “ special responsibility in connection with the Third Reich.” Which I guess he thought would make it better?


This Week’s Stories

Patron Story – Now available at http://patreon.com/w4w!

Cheesy Hip Hop or Hip Hop Cheese?


With Aaron’s foray into cheese making, I know he has been keen to pioneer new methods to make the perfect wheel. Well, a new project has recently been done leaving many cheese makers saying you gouda brie kidding me! The project — “Sonic cheese: experience between sound and gastronomy” – hopes to show that the power of music can influence the development, characteristics and even flavor of the cheese. Coming from the cheese filled head of cheese enthusiast Beat Wampfler from Switzerland’s Emmental region with help from the University of the Arts in Bern have come up with an experiment to test the effects of various types of music on maturing wheels of cheese. In a six month experiment, the team played eight wheels of Beat’s ‘Muttenglück’ Emmental cheese different genres of music. The music included everything from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ to the Mozart Opera ‘The Magic Flute’.

“Bacteria is responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese, with the enzymes that influence its maturity. I am convinced that humidity, temperature or nutrients are not the only things that influence taste. Sounds, ultrasounds or music can also have physical effects,” he insisted.

Music can create feelings, reaching inside people and stirring their senses into a fondue of emotions, in ways that can make people smile, cry or jump in elation. So is rock and Roquefort really that strange? The University of the Arts in Bern does not think so they are helping Wampfler conduct the experiment.

“At first we were skeptical,” admitted Michael Harenberg, the university’s music director. “Then we discovered there is a field called sonochemistry that looks at the influences of sound waves, the effect of sound on solid bodies.”

Scientists have experimented with sonochemistry, in particular looking into how ultrasound can affect chemical reactions.

“We are trying to… answer the question: in the end is there anything measurable? Or something that has an effect on the taste?” Harenberg said.

Students at the university are helping to conduct the project as part of a programme launched last year to bring communities in the region together — in this case agriculture and the arts.

The experiment finally ended this week with a blind taste test by a jury of expert cheese tasters and the results are in. After two separate tastings, both panels gave the gong for best cheese to the wheel which had been serenaded with the 1991 hip hop classic ‘Jazz, We’ve Got’ by A Tribe Called Quest.

“The hip hop cheese was perceived as sweeter and fruitier,” said Wampfler after the results came in.

“It gives you a push to keep going,” said Wampfler of the results of his research. But he stressed he wasn’t looking at commercializing the idea.

Whether the study was actually scientific is a moot point. For Michael Harenberg from the University of the Arts in Bern, the research was somewhere between art and culinary science. Meanwhile, whether intentionally or not, the experiment has proven to be great marketing for Switzerland’s Emmental cheese – and for A Tribe Called Quest of course.

So what’s the next cheese to be tested? Maybe some EDM Edem, Blues Cheese, Metal Manchego, Punk pecorino?


In honor of Big Gay Jim’s first 2019 appearance and as a kick-off for upcoming Drag Queen Bingo, I bring to you Bling-Oh!, the most FABULOUS of quizzes! This is a quiz full of hidden surprises…it’s actually two quizzes that I taped down…I mean, together, dolled up and covered in glitter.

I will be asking you each question about the history and facts of bingo and drag queens, if you get the right answer you get a point and if Jim or Marti corrects me and is right they get two points.

So let’s hope i did my homework this week otherwise this will be a slaughter. So without further ado… get ready for Bling-Oh!

  • The term “Drag” in drag queen is believed to has been around as far back as Shakespearean times when women weren’t allowed on stage and men would dress as women and play the female roles. In 1870, the Reynolds Newspaper in the United Kingdom printed the word in a gender-bending context in reference to a party invitation. “‘We shall come in drag,” meaning men dressed in women’s costumes. What did the word “drag” refer to?
    • Hint: This definition probably originated in the theatre of the late 1800s, where male performers wore petticoats to perform as women.
      • Their petticoats would drag on the floor, and so they referred to dressing up as women as “putting on their drags.”
  • The game Bingo can be traced back to as early as the 1530s where it was used as a national lottery for what country?
    • Hint: Even though it was discovered in 1492 the United States wasn’t a country until 1776 so it wasn’t them.
      • It originated in Italy back in the Renaissance era and can be traced to Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, the Italian national lottery, the game is still played on Saturdays in Italy, to this day.
  • Drag queens have a certain lingo they like to use. There are many different vocabulary words that are unique to the drag queen community. “BEAR” or “SKAG” DRAG is one of them, what does this term mean?
    • If I were to go drag I would be a Bear Drag.
      • This is when queens keep their facial hair but apply their makeup around it.
  • Bingo players tend to be very superstitious when it comes to the game. Some believe in lucky charms, lucky pens, lucky numbers and certain colors of daubers. Some even have lucky chairs, clothes, and underwear. It is not surprising to see some go around their chair three times before sitting down. Is that being said what color bingo dauber is the most popular?
    • Hint: It’s not a primary color.
      • Most Bingo players prefer their dauber color to be purple.
  • In the 1930s drag became very popular among gay white men, you were either a masculine guy who blended in, or you were a fairy — feminine and dressed in drag. In gay bars, half the crowd would wear drag to get around a bigoted law. What was that law?
    • Hint: Even though there were laws criminalized wearing clothing articles from the opposite sex it was a lesser punishment than doing this in public.
    • To get around laws that forbade members of the same-sex from dancing together.
  • Carl Leffler was a mathematics professor who invented at least 6,000 Bingo card combination cards and is rumored to have gone insane afterward. American Bingo cards are 5×5 squares and include numbers between 1 and 75, with that in mind and some basic math, how many different combinations of single bingo tickets are there?
    • Hint: It’s a big number and you’re gonna get it wrong.
      • 552-million-billion-billion possible number combinations for a single bingo ticket.
  • One of the huge success stories in the drag queen world was born in 1881 and was a stage and screen actor whose uncanny female impersonations made him one of the most famous drag queens across Europe and the United States. By 1910 they were worth more than a quarter of a million dollars and was the highest paid stage actor of his time, surpassing even Charlie Chaplin. Who was it?
    • Hint: They starred in the musical comedy The Fascinating Widow and took roles in such films as The Countess Charming (1917) and Madame Behave (1925). I know that doesn’t help unless you’re Steve.
      • Julian Eltinge born William Julian Dalton
  • Bingo has long been associated with the blue-haired old ladies in decrepit parlors spending their nickels to find the lost joy that left their lives years ago. Apparently, that is a stereotype just like assuming all drag queens are gay. In reality, the average age of Bingo players is what?
    • Hint: It has now been discovered that the average age of bingo players has fallen from early 50’s down to what?
      • People in their late 30’s are now mostly populating physical and digital bingo halls across the world.
  • RuPaul’s drag race has been a living room standard for over ten seasons. For those outside of the know, it’s an amazing tv show where drag queen competes to fight RuPaul and take his place on the High drag throne, sort of. RuPaul makes being a drag queen look effortless, but in reality, a lot of time is spent transforming. According to him and his former makeup artist, how long does it take to transform?
    • Hint: It only takes me about ten minutes to get ready for anything and I can assure you this is a lot longer.
      • Six fucking hours! Like really? What the actual fuck? What time does he have to get up those days? I’d die, literally.
  • According to a random website I found and my incredible knowledge of statistics and knowledge, what name should you have been given to have a statistically higher chance of winning at bingo?
    • This name was most popular in 1916 when 2.3% of women were named this in the US. You’re not gonna get this one either…
      • Margaret has a higher chance of winning a Bingo game than someone with another name, statistically, for reals though. Seriously.
  • In 2017 RuPaul revealed that he finally got married to his Australian partner, Georges LeBar after they have been together for over 20 years. “He doesn’t care about show business at all. He could care less,” RuPaul said. “Most of the time, he’s on the ranch in Wyoming. He has a 60,000-acre ranch.” That’s our state! What city is this ranch located?
    • “it’s in two states, it’s in South Dakota, too. When I go there, I dress up in Western wear and nobody cares.”
      • Douglas, Wyoming’s!
  • Because I have had a few hard questions in this quiz, I have decided to take pity on whoever is answering this last question and give you an easy one. According to science and statistics once again what gender has a higher percentage of players?
    • One gender has only 20% participation. Also, there is none of this gender in this room because she decided to be sick and we miss her and now I have to write a quiz instead of piggybacking on her hard work and whit. But whatever.
      • Women, If you didn’t get this one then I feel bad for you son.

Next Week’s Beer

Framboise Du Nord – August Schell Brewery, New Ulm, MN

from: Jaded Zappa

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2Yd9pHP
  • BA Rating: 4.09
  • Style: Berliner Weisse
  • ABV: 3.7%

Faith In Humanity Restored

New Jersey teen overcomes homelessness to earn admission to 17 colleges – Mar 13, 2019, at 12:10 PM – http://bit.ly/2Yd9qeR

New Jersey teen Dylan Chidick has had a rough go. He’s 17 now, 10 years ago his family moved from Trinidad to the US, where they face a series of hardships including his younger brothers medical issues, homelessness, and extreme poverty. “My family went through a lot and there has been a lot of people saying ‘you can’t do that,’ or ‘you’re not going to achieve,’ which is bullshit, because he just got accepted into 17 Universities. Dylan said his drive was inspired by his single mother, who found the courage to ask for help from “Women Rising,” a New Jersey-based non-profit established to help “families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive and fulfilling lives.” They soon found themselves in assisted housing, letting Dylan finally focus on his studies. “Making herself vulnerable and putting herself out there, that made me determined to never let us get back in that situation again,” Dylan said. Dylan still hasn’t heard from his first pick, The College of New Jersey, but at this point, they’d be crazy not to offer him something. Regardless of the school, he wants to study political science to make a difference, saying “the dream I want to achieve, I have to have a lot of determination.” Clearly. Here’s to Dylan!

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