Episode 232 – The One Where Shelley Helps Us Find A Dolphin’s Down’Unda

In This Week’s Show, episode 232, Shelley’s here but we don’t have a live audience because her music is just for us! Also, the second half will have music…

In This Week’s Show, episode 232, Shelley’s here but we don’t have a live audience because her music is just for us! Also, the second half will have music…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Leucothea, Greek sea goddess of seagulls, hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned 87% of cats believe in the prophet Mohammed but do not identify as religious.

Shelley’s Actual Lesson

(distinct gull bird noises)

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Festbier – Boulder Beer Co, Boulder, CO
Donated By: RW
BA Link: https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/130/370849/
BA Rating: 3.75
Style: German Märzen / Oktoberfest
ABV: 5.4%

  • Aaron: 7
  • Shelley: 7
  • Rob: 4
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

4 More Beers episode 29 will record Live on April 20th @ 1:30 MST!

Jenn is gone again and I can only assume it’s because we have no new reviews. So this one’s on you listeners…

New Patron Michael, meyers? the grinch one not the stabby hockey mask one.

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Shea’s Cuddle Corner

In honor or our studio guest who is a seagull, I decided to create an animal segment I call the Yeti’s Cuddle Corner! I found a few great animal stories this week and I thought it would be fun to get a bit wild!

In a new study it has been discovered that cats are dicks. Though I think any owner knew that. What science actually found out was that cats know the sound of their own names. Cats in the new study turned their heads and ears toward the sound of their names, but generally didn’t bother to vocalize back or communicate using their tails. They also don’t bother coming or caring about your plight. From Inside Science, the findings came from a series of experiments using 16 to 34 cats in Japan. To get in the minds of their feline subjects, the researchers first made recordings of a human voice saying four common words with the same accent pattern and number of syllables as the cat’s name, followed by the name itself. For example, a cat named Kari heard the words “hifu” (Japanese for skin) and “shuto” (Japanese for capital).

Most cats quickly became desensitized to the repeated words but would perk up and twitch their head when hearing their own names.

The researchers also tested what happened when the recording started with the names of other cats living in the same household. A few of the cats grew accustomed to the voice perked up again when they heard their name, indicating that they knew it was their own.


There are some really fucked up scientists in this world and this proves it. “New insights on the form and function of the dolphin clitoris” This month the world of science has discovered that female bottlenose dolphins have large and well-developed clitorises. The structure of dolphin clits suggests that it expands when stimulated, what poor fuck go that job? The skin under the clitoral hood contains bundles of nerves that may increase sensitivity and the potential for pleasure, as has been found in the human clitoris. It has been known for sometime that dolphins are horny fucks and previous studies suggest sex plays an important role in social bonding. Dolphins copulate year-round, including during periods when they cannot conceive.

“In other mammalian species with year-round copulation, such as humans and bonobos, sex is known to be pleasurable for females, often through clitoral stimulation that leads to orgasm,” said Dara Orbach, Ph.D., research associate at Mount Holyoke College, who conducted the research along with Assistant Professor of Biology Patricia Brennan, Ph.D. “Our anatomical observations suggest the clitoris is functional in bottlenose dolphins, but further research, including physiological and behavioral analyses, are necessary to test if sexual experiences can be pleasurable for female dolphins.”

I’ll mark this story for follow up so we can finally learn weather dolphins can orgasm.

3D Dolphin Clit – https://phys.org/news/2019-04-insights-function-dolphin-clitoris.html

New insights on the form and function of the dolphin clitoris

In light of the recent arrest of Julian Assange many people are asking questions about press freedom and the reach of American justice. But there are more questions piling up about the safety and whereabouts of his cat. Tens of thousands of people who follow “Embassy Cat” on Twitter and Instagram, have been watching for more than a year as an adorable kitten crawled along Assange’s shoulders and sat in on meetings. No matter one’s feelings about Assange, the cat, who had lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy with the WikiLeaks founder as he holed up to avoid capture, was a made-for-social-media star.

Since his arrest many have taken to twitter and instagram to check the welfare of the counter-purrveillance agent. According to the NY Times, The Ecuadorian Embassy in London did not return an email seeking information on what happened to the cat. But several published reports in recent months suggest the cat had left the embassy months ago.

“It is not here,” a newspaper quoted a representative as saying. “We are not a pet store, so we do not keep pets here.”

Sputnik, a Russian state-run news source, wrote that the cat was taken by an associate of Mr. Assange and had not been at the embassy since September. We don’t have a clear answer yet and until we see his furry little face back up on instagram no one will sleep well.


This Week’s Stories

This week’s Patreon story is metal as fuck!

Also it’s about yoga and knitting.

If you find yourself in the more-pronounced-than-most-but-I’m-sure-I-still-got-it-wrong town of Joensuu, Finland this July you should stop in for the world Heavy-Metal Knitting Championship.

Yes, I used those words in that order on purpose.

Apparently Finland really loves metal… like really loves it. “Finland is the promised land of heavy metal music,” say the organisers. “There are 50 heavy metal bands per 100,000 Finnish citizens, which is astonishingly many and actually more than anywhere else in the whole world.”

They also seem to be pretty fond of knitting… I mean, all those hair band members are gonna have grans right? “The number of needlework enthusiasts is equally high, as according to even the most modest estimates there are hundreds of thousands of people in Finland who are immersed in various kinds of needlework crafts, knitting included.”

So… why not mix them? Somehow.

“What combines them both is the great joy of creativity. When playing guitar as well as knitting stitches it is all about the pleasure of creating something cool with your hands. And – it’s all about the attitude!”

To enter the competition, knitters must download the song Fight Or Die by Joensuu thrash metal band Maniac Abductor, then upload a 1 minute video clip of themselves knitting along with the music to YouTube.

That’s some hardcore embroidery work yo!

“In heavy metal knitting, needlework and music become united like never before,” say the organisers. “On the same stage, accompanied by a million dollar guitar solo, with hair flowing in the air, there’s heavy metal music and knitting, shaking hands.

So… I guess they’re gonna have back-up knitters instead of dancers? Maybe bite the head off of a ball of yarn?

“Knitting to the rhythm of heavy metal music can be compared to playing air guitar – which is a Finnish way to goof around as well. In heavy metal knitting, the knitter becomes a part of the band, showing their best needlework tricks as the heavy riffs echo on the background. “

Yes, he said “needlework tricks” … I have no idea what that means.

“The knitter takes part in the jam while their balls of yarn and knitting needles swish through the air…”

Once you’re done Dropping a Stitch… and a sick beat, you can head over to Rage Yoga to… relax? And you won’t even have to give up healthcare to do it.

Calgary, Alberta (that’s Canada fyi), has a new yoga studio at the Upper Decker (ok, I added the last “er”) Public House. What makes this yago studio worth mentioning? Well it’s not because they murdered someone with dehydration and hot-power! No, at Rage Yoga you’ll stay well in-fluid-ed because they serve beer!

Also you’re allowed, no, encouraged, so yell “fuck” a bunch.

Founded by a bendy lady named Lindsey, who is drinking in most of her pose-shots, Rage Yoga started because normie yoga “made [her] feel like [she] was standing in a library full of gymnasts!” which sounds… awkward.

Best of all if you want to teach Rage Yoga – hear that Nebraska Brendon, I’mma be a yog beara… too! – all you have to do is a 200 hour course that teaches you how to do downward dog with a beer in your hand, or an … upper-cat… I feel like that’s one, while yelling about how few fucks you give… you know, like a cat.

Best of all, if 200 hours of work seems like way more fucking doing than you want  to do, so long as you don’t call it “Rage Yoga” – it’s Canadian trade marked – you can just be a rage-yogi. So from now on you can call me Slip-Stitch Shavasana … those are kitting-yoga words… I Googled them and everything!

Shelley Second Half

Music Played
(With permission of course… I mean, she sang it…)

  • Holy Man Ep Holy
  • No Ep Holy
  • Our Resistance New single released for International Women’s Day

If looking for requests new song (May) for International Women’s Day “Our Resistance” is a great one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z37Ypv0DL4

All Shelley’s Socials

New EP Holy!

Rob’s Socials

A few possible questions for Shelley (if needed and the conversation flows this way):

Since she is just finishing up another tour, I had asked her to be thinking of any fun/crazy/creepy tour stories.

Also, “If you could open for any musician or band, who would it be?” and “Who would you like to have open for YOU?”

Where is your favorite and least favorite area to tour? Besides Laramie for both, I’m sure.

What’s next for you?

Next Week’s Beer

Burning Skye Scottish Style Ale – Empyrean Brewing Co., Lincoln, NE

Donated By: Brendon

  • BA Link: https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1880/5401/
  • BA Rating: 3.47
  • Style: Scottish Ale
  • ABV: 5.3%

Faith In Humanity Restored

Trash Girl saves the day! and the planet.


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