Episode 282 – The One Were We Introduce Ourselves Again!

Clips from Episodes: 201, 204, 205, 211, 214, 227, and 228 with a bonus trailer for Interesting If True at the end!

In This Week’s Show, episode 282, we wrap up the early 200s with our first trailer for Interesting If True!

This week show wraps up clips from episodes 200 roughly 230-ish, and we’re hoping will be the last clip show.

We’ve been working pretty hard on Interesting If True, you’ll even find the first trailer at the end of this week’s regular episodes so enjoy that. We’ve got studio equipment distributed and while starting Interesting If True from quarantine might not be our preference, that’s how we’re going to have to roll for at least the first few episodes.

Depending on how things go with everybody’s non-COVID-19 related health we may end up doing a clip show again next week. If that becomes the case it will be our last one. Then it’s time for something hopefully, just as fun.

We want to thank everybody who listened, supported, and interacted with a show over the years. It’s been a fantastic journey!


  • Episode 201: patron story (tainted taint) – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-201
  • Episode 204: patron story (hidden kinder egg) – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-204
  • Episode 205: Hitler-themed hourly communist room – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-205
  • Episode 211: the wombat story (square poop discovery) – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-211
  • Episode 214: Unicron unicorn – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-214
  • Episode 227 – Clit Me – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-227
  • Episode 228 – Drag Queen QuiZ – https://interestingiftrue.com/w4w-228

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