Episode 30 – The One Where We Remind You To Always Have A Backup

In this weeks show, episode 30 we’ll ask: Quis custodiet gay anti-Islamic Arizona man’s St. Patrick parody porn?

Welcome to another blasphemous episode of Waiting for Wrath; where we rip apart the headlines; where making a point is beside the point; where we ridicule the stupid in our world, so it doesn’t drive us insane.

We’re not experts and we make no apologies for our opinions — so — let’s have a discussion, revel in the digression and, some god forbid, have a laugh or two.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Hera hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea: I’m Shea and this week I learned bad decisions make for great stories…

Jenn: Today’s religious fun fact is in honor of mimosas: the color orange in Hinduism is connected to fire symbolism, most. notably in the colors worn by the Hindu swamis. The color of the priests’ robes indicates the previous life that has been burned away.

Aaron: In this weeks show, episode 30 we’ll ask: Quis custodiet gay anti-Islamic Arizona man’s St. Patrick parody porn?

This Week’s Beer:

Wells Banana Bread Beer – Wells & Young’s Ltd.

Provided by friend of the show: Vice1331

  • Beer DBhttp://bit.ly/1Aq70M9
  • BA Rating: 80
  • Style: Fruit / Vegetable Beer
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Shea: 2
  • Jenn: 0
  • Aaron: 0
  • Steve: 5
  • Vice1331: 7

    Vice’s Notes:

    What’s better than banana bread? Banana bread beer! Hints of banana bread in smell and flavor.

This Week’s Stories:

Shea: Our favorite Colorado Republican calls gay people ‘snakes’ — wants a new St. Patrick to drive them out of Ireland: http://bit.ly/1KJiue2 | http://bit.ly/1ARXn8Q

Jenn: Who is watching the watchmen? Apparently too many idiots. Christian rappers promote Ted Cruz with awful song about Reagan and the ‘lame stream me: http://bit.ly/1HEedoT

Aaron: Arizona anti-Muslim rally organizer defends selling ‘F*ck Islam’ shirt: ‘I’m a Marine’ and I’m not politically correct: http://bit.ly/1ARXtxq

Steve: If My Daughter Learns Evolution, She’ll Get Rejected from Vet School, Says West Virginia Dad in Lawsuit: http://bit.ly/1ARXwt9

Shea: Hate Group Forgets To Renew Domain Name, Gets Redirected To Hardcore Gay XXX Site: http://bit.ly/1ARXyBf

Aaron: Climate denier to Pope Francis: Environmental regulations are like Aztec human sacrifices: http://bit.ly/1ARXBwJ

Next Week’s Beer:

The Beast Grand Cru – Avery Brewing Company

Beer DB: http://bit.ly/1KMUny0

  • BA Rating: 87
  • Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
  • ABV: 16.83% ABV

Faith In Humanity Restored:

Aaron: Big Bang Theory gives back

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