Episode 79 – The One Where We Think Of The Children

In this week’s show, episode 79, the JW’s send UFO’s to tow a disabled woman to Roy Moore’s child marriage…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Cthulhu hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Jim’s Good Gay News

North Carolina has met the deadline to respond to the Dept of Justice’s notice that HB 2, the anti-trans bill, is a bunch of discriminatory fuck-wittery. They met the deadline by filing a lawsuit. Why is this good gay news? Because pop some popcorn and grab a cocktail, the show’s about to start. This shit is gonna be good!

Jenn’s Lesson

Did you know in a 1631 edition of the King James Bible – in Exodus 20 verse 14 – the word “not” was left out, changing the 7th commandment to read – “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Silly infallible word of god.

In Episode 79

The JW’s send UFO’s to tow a disabled woman to Roy Moore’s child marriage…

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Hip Check IPA | Boise Brewing

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/1qhedcL
  • BA Rating: N/A
  • Style: India Pale Ale
  • ABV: 7.6
  • Aaron: 6
  • Jenn: 7
  • Jim: 4
  • Steve: 7

From Ashley:

Boise Brewing is a smaller brewery in Boise, and they do a lot of community outreach. They work directly with local farmers for ingredients, and donate their used grains back to the farmers. All of their beers are named after streets or events in Boise – which includes Roller Derby.

Spudtown Knockdown (hosted by the Treasure Valley Roller Girls) is an annual tournament featuring skaters and officials from all over the country, and sometimes internationally. Boise Brewing isn’t an official sponsor for Treasure Valley, but they did have a table at the tournament advertising this beer.

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

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  • Aaron’s feeling better.
  • Jim is with us this week!

iTunes Reviews

The_Sane_Wonko – 5 stars

A podcast that will make you think …

About having another beerThis is a wonderful and hilarious podcast put out by witty, urbane, intelligent, and earnest people … and Shea.

AspieKat – 5 stars

Love this podcast!

This podcast is perfect for me – blasphemy and beer at two of my favorite things. Thank you!

Rustpyro– 5 stars

Its the Best!

I live in Fort Collins and your show is so relatable. I love listening to you guys. thanks for all that you do for secular folks. I’d love to come up and drink a beer with you!

Facebook beer mention from listener Scott:

(I’m) At Harpoon brewing company in Boston and this is the Hair of the Sasquatch. At 18.1% it is like Shea rubbing his scent glands all up in your face and mouth.


This Week’s Stories

Jenn’s Story

Anti-Gay Jehovah’s Witness Video Teaches Kids That LGBT People “Can Change” (video) – http://logo.to/1qheSeb

Aaron’s Story

Christian Quiverfull Leader Hosts Retreat to Arrange Marriages for Kids, All Without Their Consent – http://bit.ly/1qheCvO

Instant Update: The Salvation Army has denied them use of their camp because internet:

The Salvation Army has denied a request by the Let Them Marry organization to conduct its event at Camp Hiawatha.

Our decision is based upon our long-standing concern for the welfare of children. At The Salvation Army, we work every single day to provide a safe, caring place for children, many of whom have been left vulnerable due to the actions of adults.

Patreon Story

Indiana introduces first ‘baby drop-off box’ for unwanted newborns – http://ind.pn/1qheFHW

Bonus Patreon Story

Tennessee pastor claims all scientists are abandoning evolution for UFOs and aliens which is God (video) – http://bit.ly/1qheMTQ

Next Week’s Beer

Silhouette Dark Ale | Slanted Rock Brewing Company

Faith In Humanity Restored

Robotic exoskeleton will help Perth paraplegic man walk down the aisle – http://bit.ly/1qheVXi

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Bonus Cat Video

Bathroom Cops, protecting you from illegal Ding-dongs: http://bit.ly/1qheZX4