Episode 88 – The One With Shea’s Holy Seed

In This Week’s Show, episode 88, A Colorado witch buries her tampons after catching measles at from a beer pipe at an epic wrap exorcism in Texas.

In This Week’s Show, episode 88, A Colorado witch buries her tampons after catching measles at from a beer pipe at an epic wrap exorcism in Texas.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Abeona (roman goddess who protects travelers) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that the whole population of Wyoming can fit into a small park in Boston… There were over 500,000 people at the Boston Pops concert on the 4th and there is a little less than that in our entire state.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know, per the Pew Research Center Seventh-day Adventists, Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses are among the most racially and ethnically diverse U.S. religious groups. The least diverse are the National Baptist Convention, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

5:00 O’Clock Afternoon Ale | Renegade Brewing Company

Donated by Ashley

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/29vDjBw
  • BA Rating: 78
  • Style: American Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 5%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: 7
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Shea’s Back from Boston and no one kidnapped him!


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CO student stands up. “Teacher objects by failing her” – http://bit.ly/29vDwEG

  • Cidney Fisk, a student at Delta High School in Delta Colorado.
  • Spoke out in Oct. 2015 when DHS brought in an abstinence-only speaker.
  • Wrote article in school paper noting that every slide from Shelly Donahue’s speech featured a christian cross.
  • Asked another speaker, Chad Williams, who spoke about drug abuse; what his qualifications were since his memoir was mostly about his christian conversion
  • Her student gov. teacher gave her a failing grades for three months (without giving her notice) posting the grades all at once.
  • She’s graduated now, but is telling other students at Delta to keep quiet if they want scholarships.

The stupid of a few literally infects others – http://bit.ly/29vDc99

(don’t follow link because the fuckers have an autoplay video)

  • 22 cases of Measles in Pinal County, AZ, 9 of which are staff at Eloy detention center (ICE facility managed by the Corrections Corporation of America.)
  • ICE leadership not cooperating with Pinal County health staff
  • Apparently the staff are passing it to each other and the community
  • Measles as an endemic disease was eliminated from the United States in 2000, but continues to be reintroduced by international travelers.

Beer pipeline? Yes, please. – http://bit.ly/29vDf4P

  • Bruges, Belgium is about to be home to a two mile long beer pipeline running under the streets of the historic city
  • De Halve Maan brewery, which has been in operation nearly continuously since 1564, is building the pipeline
  • Connects the brew house in a historic part of the city to a bottling facility an industrial area
  • Facing the pressing need to either move out of the old area or think radically
  • Tanker trucks had issues navigating the narrow winding streets
  • Hired tunneling experts and used computer controlled drills to minimize damage to old (cobblestone) streets

This Week’s Stories

Shea’s Story

Eternal Life for the low cost of $1,144.00!

This week on Trumped up, we get to learn about a new discovery out of Florida where our favorite president wanna-be has joined forces with Jesus (and televangelist Paula White) to bring us eternal life…for a one time fee, of course.

Call now and you too, can be the proud new owner of a Resurrection Seed, not to be confused with the resurrection stone out of Harry Potter. When used correctly by “sowing the seed and having faith” the dead will rise like Lazarus.
Now how much would you pay for this miracle? A million dollars?No. 250 thousand dollars?NO! How about tree fiddy? Not today. Call now and with one easy payment of $1144 you too can live knowing you can live some more later…BUT Wait! There’s more, call in the next 30 minutes and we will sent you a special anointed prayer cloth that people promise they have prayed over so you know its true. You can bring forth special miracles and wonders with these special cloths. Put them under your bed, in your shoes or on random body parts for God healing!

Don’t delay, life doesn’t last forever, yet…

Call (513) 760–0463

That’s (513) 760–0463

Call today!

On another note, We here at Waiting 4 Wrath are selling seeds as well, seeds of doubt, which when cultivated in bullshit will allow you to escape this country and watch this comedy unfold. They can be yours now for the low low price of an i tunes review….

Jenn’s Story

After Loss In Supreme Court Abortion Case Tx Governor Wants To Mandate Funerals For Fetal Tissue – http://bit.ly/29vDwVa

Now that Texas has lost a major abortion case at the Supreme Court, and clinics do not have to meet unreasonable and unnecessary standards to provide care for women, Gov. Greg Abbott is desperate to find another obstacle to stick in the way of women who want or need to have abortions.
He may have found one: Beginning in September, Abbott wants all aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. Or, to put it another way, he wants to mandate funerals for fetal tissue.
A proposal of the commission’s rules, issued on July 1, listed what would be the state’s new regulations. Fetal tissue “regardless of the period of gestation” would need to be disposed of by cremation, burial, incineration followed by burial, or steam disinfection followed by burial.Aaron’s Story

Japanese spa offers ‘exorcism’ for your dog – http://bit.ly/29vDBYU

  • A senior Shinto priest will come to the spa to conduct a ceremonial blessing to rid your pup of bad spirits and pray for its future health.
  • “The exorcism for your dog is celebrated along with its owner at the Shingariyu shrine within the hotel.”
  • It only takes 30 minutes, according to the site. And it costs $430 — room and pet-owner dinner included.

Patron Story

Epic Rap Battles of … Jesus…  http://bit.ly/29vE39Q

Fucking white people… also, this is the origonal: http://bit.ly/29vEnFs

Yeah… Apple Bottle Jesus… makes the world… throw up a little bit…

Aaron’s Extra Story

Alleged witchcraft killer burnt to death – http://bit.ly/29vEm4b

  • Giyani – A man who was on the run from police after he allegedly burnt a pensioner to death in an act of witchcraft has in turn been burnt to death by an angry vigilante mob in Rotterdam near Guyani, police in Limpopo said on Monday.
  • The police said they arrested two of the man’s alleged accomplices after an 82-year-old woman in the community was burnt to death at the weekend.
  • The two men who were arrested for killing the elderly woman will appear before the Tiyani Magistrate court soon on a charge of murder.

Next Week’s Beer

EOS Hefeweizen | Nebraska Brewing Company

Faith In Humanity Restored

Hitler Funds Holocaust Charity: http://bit.ly/29vEmS5

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