Episode 95 – The One Where Aaron Can’t Not Speak Of Things

In This Week’s Show, episode 95,  Steve leaves the show to voip ultra-orthodox oil anointers to benefit Priests with IUDs.
Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Father Time isn’t here with us today we are trying his patience!

In This Week’s Show, episode 95,  Steve leaves the show to voip ultra-orthodox oil anointers to benefit Priests with IUDs.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Father Time isn’t here with us today we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that the Amish have much lower rates of cyber-bullying

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

In honor of the Cider Circus 3 out of 4 full-time W4W host attended this weekend: Did you know that the Puritans did not abstain from alcohol, but enjoyed both fermented ciders and ales?

In This Week’s Show Steve leaves the show to VOIP ultra-orthodox oil anointers to benefit Priests with IUDs.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Big Bad Baptist | Epic Brewing Company

Recommended by our guest next week, Felicia of Utah Outcasts


This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion


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A quick follow-up to the French Burkini story: It appears Frances’ highest court has overturned the cities’ ruling that forbid the swimwear.

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UTAH: Lawyer For Escaped Polygamous Cult Leader Tells Court He Might Have Experienced “Miracle Of Rapture” – http://bit.ly/2byZ5qj

  • Polygamist leader Lyle Jeffs may not have escaped from home confinement, but was instead kidnapped or “experienced the miracle of rapture,” his lawyer raises as a possibility in a new court filing.

“As this Court is well aware, Mr. Jeffs is currently not available to inform his counsel whether or not he agrees to the Continuance. Whether his absence is based on absconding, as oft alleged by the Government in their filings, or whether he was taken and secreted against his will, or whether he experienced the miracle of rapture is unknown to counsel,” Kathryn Nester wrote. “However, his absence prevents counsel from obtaining his approval and thus further prevents counsel from filing a joinder with the Motion to Continue Current Trial Date in compliance with the local rules.”


  • Jeffs, who has been on the lam since early June, is accused of defrauding the SNAP program to the tune of $11M, some of which was used to buy luxury cars for Mormon Jesus

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Ban Women from Going To College and Getting a “Dangerous” Secular Education – http://bit.ly/2bTX6cP


  • Satmar sect are banning women from obtaining university degrees because “It is dangerous.” Written in Yiddish, the decree warns: “It has lately become the new trend that girls and married women are pursuing degrees in special education. Some attend classes and others online. And so we’d like to let their parents know that it is against the Torah.

“We will be very strict about this. No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous. Girls who will not abide will be forced to leave our school. Also, we will not give any jobs or teaching position in the school to girls who’ve been to college or have a degree.

“We have to keep our school safe and we can’t allow any secular influences in our holy environment. It is against the base upon which our Mosed was built.”


Christian who was fired after ‘anointing’ co-workers’ desks with oil loses religious discrimination case – http://bit.ly/2bTX8Sf

  • According to the Miami New Times, around 2 years ago, employees at the City of Miami’s Capital Improvements Program came to work and found cross-shaped oil smears all over their desks, “walls, doorways, and cubicles” – prompting authorities to shut down the department and investigate. Eventually, it was discovered that employee Eric Cheeley was the culprit. Cheeley, an enthusiastic Pentecostal Christian, was “anointing the office with oil” as a blessing.
  • Cheeley was already out in the field when his co-workers arrived at the office. They were a bit freaked out. One employee thought the crosses represented Santería; others worried it was some sort of workplace threat. Before long, police were called to investigate, and the office shut down for the better part of the morning. Back at work around lunchtime, Cheeley tried to explain what had happened.

“[I] was sitting in my cubicle crying; I thought I heard what, in my opinion, God telling me: ‘Look, just bless the department… and go on about your business,’”

  • He told police according to the Times.
  • The next day he was fired.
  • This month, after a long court battle where Cheeley claimed religious discrimination, the judge ruled that there was no discrimination, only vandalism on the part of Cheeley.

“Cheeley’s application of the oily substance caused actual damage to his employer’s property and disrupted its business,” U.S. District Judge Robert Scola Jr. wrote in his decision. “These facts are undisputed‘’

This Week’s Stories

Paton Story: Catholic hospital turns away woman with bleeding IUD because birth control is a sin – http://bit.ly/2bTXQyF

  • When Melanie Jones sought medical care to treat a bleeding dislodged IUD, she didn’t expect to be turned away by her health providers
  • Unbeknownst to Jones, Illinois’ Mercy Hospital and Medical Center takes their Catholic beliefs very seriously, and since using birth control is frowned upon by the Catholic Church, so is giving Jones the care she needs.

It felt heartbreaking,” Jones told Rewire. “It felt like they were telling me that I had done something wrong, that I had made a mistake and therefore they were not going to help me; that they stigmatized me, saying that I was doing something wrong, when I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m doing something that’s well within my legal rights.” 

“I think my first feeling was shock,” Jones added. “I thought that eventually they were going to recognize that my health was the top priority.”

  • Jones left her doctor’s office, still in pain and bleeding. Her options were limited. She couldn’t afford a $1,000 trip to the emergency room, and an urgent care facility was out of the question since her Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois insurance policy would only cover treatment within her network—and she had just been told that her entire network followed Catholic restrictions.

“Generally, our protocol in caring for a woman with a dislodged or troublesome IUD is to offer to remove it,” Mercy Hospital said in a written statement.

Second Half Talk

Discussion with Felecia, co-host on Utah Outcasts and President of Atheists of Utah.

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And working for all of us with The Atheists of Utah

Next Week’s Beer

Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barleywine Ale

Suggested by Kyle the Napkin Pope


Faith In Humanity Restored

Orlando hospitals: Pulse nightclub shooting victims will be treated free of charge – http://bit.ly/2byZw3K

Bonus Cat Video

A Tribute To Gene Wilder – http://bit.ly/2bAnn1R

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