We were never experts and we made no claims or promises but we had a bunch of beers and laughs so we’re calling it a win! W4W is NSWF and for entertainment purposes only!

Every show started with a beer review, told a story, and ended with a feel-good story because, at the end of it all, the goal was (and still is) to have fun. https://www.InterestingIfTrue.com to the support of our amazing listeners and patrons we were able to build a studio, travel, and support good causes like the Freedom From Religion FoundationThe Trevor Project, and last but not least, WyoAIDs — which is run in part by our very own Big Gay Jim!

Wyoming AIDs Assistance is a registered 501c(3) that supports Wyomingites living with HIV/AIDs, find out how you can help at WyoAIDs.org